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Dancing with the Stars 2021: Competitors, Masters Ranking and Bets

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Dancing with the Stars 2021: Competitors, Masters Ranking and Bets

Dancing with the Stars 2021 it began on October 16 in prime time on Rai 1, keeping Saturday evening as the day of programming. The 2021 edition of the dance talent sees well-known faces of the show as competitors. Accompanied by the dance instructors, the competitors will study and learn the choreography, to be then judged by the judges of the program. At the helm of Dancing with the Stars, even this year, Milly Carlucci.

Ranking and Bets

First episode

In the first episode aired on 16 October the three couples most voted by the public were: Arisa and Vito Coppola, Morgan and Alessandra Tripoli and Mietta and Maykel Fonts. This pair earns 10 bonus points for next week. The provisional ranking after the first episode:

  1. Arisa and Vito Coppola (87 points)
  2. Morgan and Alessandra Tipoli (47 points)
  3. Mietta and Maykel Fonts (42 points)
  4. Bianca Gascoigne and Simone di Pasquale (40 points)
  5. Sabrina Salerno and Samuel Peron (38 points)
  6. Memo Remigi and Maria Ermachkova (33 points)
  7. Alvise Rigo and Tove Villford (33 points)
  8. Valeria Fabrizi and Giordano Filippo (27 points)
  9. Albano and Oxana Ledevew (24 punt)
  10. Valerio Rossi Albertini and Sara di Vaira (24 points)
  11. Andrea Iannone and Lucrezia Lando (22 points)
  12. Federico Lauri and Anastasia Kuzmina (21 points)
  13. Fabio Galante and Giada Lini (14 points)

Competitors Dancing with the Stars 2021

The cast of contestants from Dancing with the Stars 2021, like every year, it does not disappoint expectations. Well-known personalities from the entertainment world, guided by their dance instructors, they will challenge each other to the sound of choreography every Saturday.

Here’s the full cast:

  • Arisa
  • Sabrina Salerno
  • Al Bano
  • Mietta
  • Andrea Iannone
  • Alvise Rigo
  • Federico Fashion Style
  • Morgan
  • Bianca Gascoigne
  • Valeria Fabrizi
  • Memo Remigi
  • Valerio Rossi Albertini
  • Fabio Galante


Arisa, pseudonym is Rosalba Pippa, it’s a singer, actress, television personality, voice actress, conductor And 38-year-old Italian writer. She became famous for the song presented at the Sanremo Festival “Sincerity” and for an iconic look. Arisa has a troubled relationship with Andrea di Carlo, manager of Can Yaman among others. After some back and forth it seems the two are back together. TO Dancing with the Stars 2021 is paired with Vito Coppola.

Sabrina Salerno

Sabrina Salerno it’s a Italian singer, actress and showgirl, known since the 80s, after being launched by Claudio Cecchetto. The showgirl was one of the ten valleys of Sanremo 2020 next to the conductor Amadeus. TO Dancing with the Stars 2021 is paired with Samuel Peron.

Al Bano

Al Bano Carrisi is a well-known 78-year-old singer and actor, originally from Cellino San Marco in Puglia. Active in the music industry since 1965, he remembers his long career alongside his first wife Romina Power, and his big hits like Happiness And Rogue nostalgia, among many. TO Dancing with the Stars 2021 is paired with Oxana Lebedew


Mietta, stage name of Daniela Miglietta, is a 51-year-old famous singer, originally from Taranto. Famous for the Sanremo success of Go away love, together with Amedeo Minghi, Mietta boasts a 30-year career that includes participation in 8 Sanremo Festivals, 2 novels and 9 films. TO Dancing with the Stars 2021 is paired with Maykel Fonts.

Andrea Iannone

Andrea Iannone is a Moto GP rider, also known for having had a long relationship with the showgirl Belén Rodriguez and with the famous influencer Giulia De Lellis. Has been at the center of a doping case for which he has always declared himself innocent and which prevents him from returning to racing with motorcycles. TO Dancing with the Stars 2021 is paired with Lucrezia Lando.

Alvise Rigo

Alvise Rigo is a 28-year-old rugby player, originally from Venice. Personal trainer and model for Cisalfa, he was a guest at Sanremo 2020, where it was pleasantly noted for its beauty and friendliness. TO Dancing with the Stars 2021 is paired with Tove Villfor.

Federico Fashion Style

Federico Lauri or Federico Fashion Style, it’s a Hair Stylist originally from Anzio from which many VIPs go. With his salon he is the protagonist of the Real Time program “The Hall of Wonders” with the new edition from January 5, 2021 and del Beauty Bus who for the whole of 2021 will be touring Italy in search of looks to change. TO Dancing with the Stars 2021 is paired with Anastasia Kuzmina.


Morgan is an Italian singer-songwriter and musician of great talent who founded the successful group from a very young age Bluvertigo. He also pursued a solo career and participated in several talent shows as a judge. He participated with Bugo in Sanremo 2020 becoming the protagonist of a live fight and during the exhibition. TO Dancing with the Stars 2021 is paired with Alessandra Tripoli.

Bianca Gascoigne

Bianca Gascoigne is the daughter of the well-known former footballer Paul Gascoigne (current castaway de The Island of the Famous 2021). 34-year-old model and influencer, has participated in numerous reality shows in England, including Celebrity Big Brother, has been on the covers of important English magazines and in Italy is becoming a well-known face thanks to the participation of her father in the reality by Ilary Blasi. TO Dancing with the Stars 2021 is paired with Simone di Pasquale.

Valeria Fabrizi

Valeria Fabrizi is an 84-year-old actress, originally from Verona. Active in the artistic field since the 1950s, the Venetian actress is best known for having taken part in recent television series such as: The ladies’ paradise, Don Matteo 8 And God help us, where she plays the iconic character of Sister Costanza. TO Dancing with the Stars 2021 is paired with Giordano Filippo.

Memo Remigi

Memo Remigi, registered as Emidio Remigi, is an 83-year-old singer, radio and television host. Originally from Erba, in Lombardy, the singer looks back on a career spanning 50 years, in which he gave the public memorable songs such as Fall in love in Milan, There was night And The love. TO Dancing with the Stars 2021 is paired with Maria Ermachkova.

Valerio Rossi Albertini

Valerio Rossi Albertini is a 57-year-old Italian physicist, originally from Rome. Known for his many participations in television programs, as a science communicator. TO Dancing with the Stars 2021 is paired with Sara Di Vaira.

Fabio Galante

Fabio Galante is a 47-year-old former footballer, originally from Montecatini Terme in Tuscany. Sports executive And trainer, Fabio is one of the former Inter top defenders. TO Dancing with the Stars 2021 is paired with Giada Lini.

Dance masters

The cast of the masters of Dancing with the Stars 2021 unfortunately sees theabandonment of some dancers who have made the history of the program, such as: Raimondo Todaro (now teacher ad Friends 21), Stefano Oradei, Veera Kinnunen. But also the reconfirmation of other dance masters loved by the public.

The masters are:

Couples Dancing With The Stars 2021

The pairs of Dancing with the Stars 2021 I am:

  1. Arisa– Vito Coppola
  2. Sabrina Salerno – Samuel Peron
  3. Al BanoOxana Lebedew
  4. MiettaMaykel Fonts
  5. Andrea Iannone –Lucrezia Lando
  6. Fabio Galante– Giada Lini
  7. Federico Fashion Style– Anastasia Kuzmina
  8. Morgan – Alessandra Tripoli
  9. Bianca Gascoigne – Simone di Pasquale
  10. Valeria Fabrizi– Giordano Filippo
  11. Memo Remigi– Maria Ermachkova
  12. Valerio Rossi Albertini – Sara di Varia
  13. Alvise Rigo – Tove Villfor


No change, however, for the historical jury of the program.

The jurors of Dancing with the Stars 2021, are the same as in the 2020 edition.

  • Ivan Zazzaroni
  • Wild Lucarelli
  • Fabio Canino
  • Carolyn Smith(president)
  • Guillermo Mariotto

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