Danny Provenzano Net Worth

As an ex-con and a great nephew of the Genovese crime family, Danny Provenzano has a lot of envious followers. However, his net worth is more than $49 million. Provenzano has a recurring role on the reality show Real Housewives of New Jersey and is reportedly in talks with the network to develop his own reality series. While most people don’t know that he spent four years in prison on a charge of criminal contempt, Danny Provenzano net worth is between $150 million and $499 million.

His net worth has soared in recent years. Provenzano, who pleaded guilty to Federal racketeering charges, is a reported capo in the Genovese family. He is also the nephew of Tony “Tony Pro” Provenzano, who is also worth over $100 million. Provenzano was born in Corleone, Sicily, on 31 January 1933. His parents are Angelo Provenzano and Giovanna Rigoglioglio.

The average salary of an actor in the United States is $40k, so Danny Provenzano’s net worth is quite impressive. After completing his high school, he went on to attend Pace University. He later graduated with a degree in drama and is now worth around $6 million. However, his real source of wealth is unlikely to be revealed until he begins his acting career. Despite these numbers, the actor continues to attract huge audiences in the showbiz world, generating millions of dollars in earnings.

In his early twenties, Pastore began a legal battle with Provenzano over the fact that Pastore failed to show up for a shoot. Provenzano had originally planned for Pastore to star in a television pilot with Sean Young, but he didn’t show up. Pastore was subsequently sentenced to seventy hours of community service. Meanwhile, his net worth jumped to $4 million in 2016.

Provenzano is the caporegime of the Genovese crime family’s New Jersey faction. He also had connections with Jimmy Hoffa, a notorious mobster and union leader. In addition to his criminal past, Provenzano is also the president of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 560 in Union City, New Jersey. His ethnicity is unknown, and neither is his political and religious views.

The mob-connected Daniel Provenzano’s cult status made him a star in the “Real Housewives of New Jersey” series. The cult favorite’s cast member Danielle Staub was rumored to be Provenzano’s bodyguard during a Posche fashion show brawl. Provenzano’s alleged relationship with Patricia O’Neil ended after the actress allegedly lent him money to finance the animated film “Wiseguys and Whackjobs”. However, it was unclear if the actor lied about the loan to O’Neil. The NYPD has said that Provenzano had thrown her and hurt her.