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Darlene Spezzi

Darlene Spezzi is a businesswoman from Florida. She is the owner of Mystic Granite and Marbles. She is also married to professional wrestler Marc Mero. The couple got married in 2009 and separated in 2019. Their divorce was finalized in 2019. The name of the couple’s daughter is not available. She does not use social media much. Her official LinkedIn account only has 500 connections. Her other accounts on Twitter and Instagram are private.

Darlene Spezzi is the CEO of Mystic Granite & Marble. She was also a co-producer of the 1996 movie Flipper. Though her personal life is not known to the general public, she is known to have married a professional wrestler in July 2009. She has two daughters and celebrates her birthday on 2 January. Whether or not she is a good match for your family, she will be able to give you a great recommendation.

Darlene Spezzi is a famous businesswoman. She is the CEO of Mystic Granite And Marbles and is also a producer. She worked on the movie Flipper as a co-producer. The company does not reveal much about her personal life. Her net worth is estimated at $1.9 million. However, she is not revealing any personal details on her website. She married American professional wrestler Marc Mero on 11 July 2009.

Darlene Spezzi is a public figure who is well-known in the business world. She was a co-producer of the 1996 film Flipper and has a large amount of experience in the business world. Her LinkedIn profile provides a glimpse into her professional life. Her HQ phone number and LinkedIn profile are available for you to contact her. She is also an accomplished actor and producer and can be counted among her friends.

Darlene Spezzi is a successful businesswoman. She owns Mystic Granite & Marble and works as its CEO. Moreover, she has been married to amateur wrestler Marc Mero since July 2009. While there are no details about her personal life, she is known to be married to American professional wrestler Marc Mero. The couple has three children together. As far as dating is concerned, Spezzi is a married woman with a husband.

Despite her success, Spezzi has remained relatively low-key and has not made public her salary and net worth. Her Twitter account is not updated and she does not discuss her personal life. Her colleagues are also unreliable when it comes to revealing their personal lives. This is because she is very private and rarely discloses her salary. She has never revealed her social network profile. She has a LinkedIn profile. So, her online presence is limited to her family and professional circles.

Darlene Spezzi’s estimated net worth is $1 million. She was born in the year of $1,000,000, which is her birth sign. As of May 2018, she is a celebrity with an estimated net worth of $1 million. Her salary is $200,000 per year. She was also born under the star signs of Leo and Virgo, which means her salary is higher than average. She has a lot of friends, but is still working on building her career in TV.

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