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David Donatello 2021: nominees, films and all the nominations

On Tuesday 11 May 2021, live on Rai Uno, the 66th edition of the David di Donatello Awards: let’s find out all the candidates!

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David di Donatello: when and where?

Carlo Conti will host the 66th edition of the David di Donatello Awards, on Tuesday 11 May on Rai Uno. The ceremony will take place in the presence of candidates of all categories. It will be broadcast by the historic television studios Fabrizio Frizzi and from the prestigious Rome Opera House.

How does the awarding work? How many Davids will be delivered?

Let’s find out how many prizes will be awarded during the 2021 David di Donatello ceremony:

  • 25 David by Donatello
  • 1 David for Lifetime Achievement
  • 2 David Specials
  • 3 named plates David 2021 – Recognition of Honor

The Jury of the Academy of Italian Cinema – David di Donatello Awards will assign:

  • 22 awards to films released in Italy from 1 January 2020 to 28 February 2021.
  • 20 David Awards for Italian cinema
  • 1 Prize for the feature film documentary
  • 1 David Award for International Cinema: destined for the best foreign film distributed in Italy.
  • A Young David Award: destined for the best Italian film with themes close to the new generations.
  • 1 David di Donatello Award for Best Short Film
  • 1 David of the spectator

David di Donatello 2021: What are the nominees?

Below all the titles of 23 movies Italian candidates for the David di Donatello 2021 and the number of nomination obtained:

  • I wanted to hide (15 nominations)
  • Hammamet (14 nominations)
  • Bad Tales (13 nominations)
  • The incredible story of the Isle of Roses (11 nominations)
  • Miss Marx (11 nominations)
  • The Macaluso sisters (6 nominations)
  • Sons (4 nominations)
  • The predators(4 nominations)
  • 18 gifts (3 nominations)
  • The best years (3 nominations)
  • Laces (3 nominations)
  • Do not hate (3 nominations)
  • Tolo Tolo (3 nominations)
  • What will be (2 nominations)
  • Life ahead of him (2 nominations)
  • She still talks to me (3 nominations)
  • Perhaps (2 nominations)
  • Assandira (1 nomination)
  • let me go (1 nomination)
  • Far far (1 nomination)
  • Our father (1 nomination)
  • On the most beautiful (1 nomination)
  • The Book of Vision (1 nomination)

The list of candidates

Let’s find out all the nominations and candidates for the various categories of the David di Donatello 2021:

Best Film

Bad Tales
The Macaluso sisters
Miss Marx
I wanted to hide

Best Director

Favolacce, Damiano and Fabio D’Innocenzo
Hammamet, Gianni Amelio
The Macaluso sisters, Emma Dante
Miss Marx, Susanna Nicchiarelli
I wanted to hide, Giorgio Rights

Best Actress in a Leading Role

Alba Rorhwacher, Laces
Vittoria Puccini, 18 gifts
Paola Cortellesi, Sons
Micaela Ramazzotti
Sophia Loren, Life Ahead

Best Leading Actor

Pierfrancesco Favino, Hammamet
Kim Rossi Stuart, What will be
Valerio Mastandrea, Children
Renato Pozzetto, you still talk to me
Elio Germano, I wanted to hide

Best Supporting Actress

Benedetta Porcaroli, 18 gifts
Barbara Chiacchiarelli, Favolacce
Claudia Gerini, Hammamet
Matilda De Angelis, Isle of Roses
Alba Rohrwacher, Maybe

Best Supporting Actor

Gabriel Montesi, Favolacce
Lino Musella, Favolacce
Fabrizio Bentivoglio, Isle of Roses
Silvio Orlando, Lacci

Best Original Screenplay

What will it be, Kim Rossi Stuart and Francesco Bruni
Favolacce, Fabio and Damiano D’Innocenzo
Children, Mattia Torre
The Predators, Pietro Castellitto
I wanted to hide, Giorgio Rights, Tania Pedroni, Fredo Valla

Best Non-Original Screenplay

Assandira, Salvatore Mereu
Lacci, Domenico Starnone, Francesco Piccolo, Daniele Luchetti
Let me go, Stefano Mordini, Francesco Marciano, Luca Infascelli
You still talk to me, Pupi Avati, Tommaso Avati
Far Away, Marco Pettenello, Gianni Di Gregorio

Best producer

Bad Tales
The Predators
The incredible story of the Isle of Roses
Miss Marx
I wanted to hide

Best Original Song

The most beautiful years / The most beautiful years of Claudio Baglioni
Life ahead / I do (Seen) by Laura Pausini
Don’t Hate / Geneva Miles Away
Tolo Tolo / Immigrant by Luca Medici
I wanted to Hide / Invisible by La Tarma

Best composer

Hammamet by Nicola Piovani
The Predators of Niccolò Contessa
The incredible story of the Isola delle Rose by Michele Braga
Miss Marx of Cherry Cat against the great cold
Don’t Hate by Pivio & Aldo De Scalzi
I Wanted to Hide by Marco Biscarini and Daniele Furlati

Best new director

The Predators, Pietro Castellitto
Maybe, Ginevra Elkann
Don’t hate, Mauro Mancini
At the most beautiful, Alice Filippi
Tolo Tolo, Luca Medici

Best Documentary

My name is Francesco Totti, Alex Infascelli
Faith, Valentina Pedicini
Nocturne, Gianfranco Rosi
Puntasacra, Francesca Mazzoleni
The Rossellinis, Isabella Rossellini

Best Short Film

Anne, Domenico Croce and Stefano Malchiodi
Gas Station, Olga Torrico
The Game, Alessandro Haber
The family gold, Emanuele Pisano
Shero, Claudio Casale

Best Author of Photography

Tales, Paolo Carnera
Hammamet, Luan Amelio Ujkaj
The Macaluso sisters, Gherardo Gossi
Miss Marx, Crystel Fournier
Our Father, Michele D’Attanasio
I wanted to hide, Matteo Cocco

Best scenography

Tales, Emita Frigato, Paola Peraro, Paolo Bonfini, Erika Aversa
Hammamet, Giancarlo Basili, Andrea Castorina
Isola delle Rose, Tonino Zera, Maria Grazia Schirripa
Miss Marx, Alessandro Vanucci, Igor Gabriel, Fiorella Cicolini
I wanted to hide, Ludovica Ferrario, Alessandra Mura, Paola Zamagni

Best Costume Designer

Hammamet, Maurizio Millenotti
Isola delle Rose, Nicoletta Taranta
The Macaluso sisters, Vanessa Sannino
Miss Marx, Massimo Cantini Parrini
I wanted to hide, Ursula Patzak

Best makeup artist

Hammamet, Luigi Ciminelli, Andrea Leanza and Federica Castelli
Isola delle Rose, Luigi Rocchetti
The Macaluso sisters, Valentina Iannuccilli
I wanted to hide, Giuseppe Desiato, Lorenzo Tamburini
Miss Marx, Diego Prestopino

Best visual effects

I wanted to hide, Rodolfo Miglior
Hammamet, Luca Saviotti
The incredible story of the Isle of Roses, Stefano Leoni, Elisabetta Rocca
Miss Marx, Massimiliano Battista
The Book of Vision, Lorenzo Ceccotti and Renaud Quilichini

Best sound

Bad Tales
Isle of Roses
Miss Marx
I wanted to hide

Best editor

Fairy Tales, Daniele Fiori
Hammamet, Massimiliano Duranti
The Macaluso sisters, Aldina Governatori
Miss Marx, Domingo Santoro
I wanted to hide, Aldo Signoretti

Best foreign film

1917, Sam Mendes
The Miserables, Ladj Ly
Jojo Rabbit, Taika Waititi
Richard Jewell, Clint Eastwood
Sorry We Missed You, Ken Loach

David Young

18 Gifts, Francesco Amato
Favolacce, Fabio and Damiano D’Innocenzo
The best years, Gabriele Muccino
The incredible story of the Isle of Roses, Sydney Sibilia
Tolo Tolo, Luca Medici

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