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David Hasselhoff’s fortune

How rich is David Hasselhoff really?

How much money David Hasselhoff really has in his account is not that easy to say. After all, it wasn’t until 2016 that rumors began to circulate that The Hoff could be completely broke and only have a few hundreds or thousands of dollars in his account. What does his fiancée Hayley Roberts, who is much younger than David, think about it? Our research shows that David Hasselhoff is a valued Assets of 9 million euros has. In any case, David is not exactly a humble guy and as soon as the money has been flushed into his coffers, he is already spending it with full hands. In addition to the maintenance payments to his ex and his two daughters, David’s personal expenses also have a significant impact, which the following list impressively proves:

  • David Hasselhoff's income
    USD 21,000 per month in maintenance to ex Pamela Bach
  • $ 19,000 a month for his two daughters of age who have no significant income
  • $ 1,617 per month for apparel
  • $ 445 for personal care products
  • $ 2,654 for his cleaning lady / housekeeper per month

As reported in the relevant media, David Hasselhoff had to charge his credit card with an impressive 95,000 US dollars in January 2016 to cover his costs. Of course, he has to pay back the money. The same applies to a good 100,000 US dollars that he still has to pay in taxes in Great Britain. With the “Baywatch” remake, David Hasselhoff’s financial situation should have improved somewhat in the meantime. However, the actor who doesn’t just do that with “Baywatch”, but also with series like “Knight Rider” became world famous, it would be better if he either reduced his expenses or increased his income.

According to his own statements, David Hasselhoff earns around US $ 112,107 per month, which is equivalent to a good 104,300 euros. David Hasselhoff can therefore only build up a significant financial cushion with difficulty. In addition, his 2016 European tour was shortened because the fans had not bought enough tickets. That too will have hurt David very much. So far, David Hasselhoff has not been able to save for his pension. Because he needed the money in order not to get into any further debts. However, David spends over $ 5,000 a month on life insurance to keep loved ones safe.

The ups and downs in the life of David Hasselhoff

David Hasselhoff's fortune
Despite the financial crisis in his life, which can also be attributed to the fact that neither his fiancée nor his adult daughters contribute anything to the monthly household income of the Hasselhoffs and live at Daddy’s expense, this is not the absolute low point in David’s life. After all, the global public still remembers that well Video of drunk David eating burgerthat took in his daughter. After all, Taylor-Ann has to be blamed for not wanting to publish her father’s spicy video in 2007. That was done by a family friend who stole the video. So David Hasselhoff had no choice but to admit to his unmistakable alcoholism.

The Hoff private

David seems to have left this chapter behind, however. At the same time, there have been no major successes since then. The “Baywatch” comeback in June 2017 should change this. Maybe David has at least made enough money with the remake to finance Hayley Roberts’ dream wedding. In May 2017 the lovebirds secretly got that Yes word given. After being engaged for a year, the two decided to get married. There was a small, intimate wedding ceremony. Hayley Roberts has been a great help to David Hasselhoff in getting his alcohol addiction under control. The role of Mitch Buchannon in the new Baywatch film is played by none other than Dwayne The Rock Johnson. David Hasselhoff, on the other hand, has a small guest appearance.

The fact that the German-American, whose roots can be found on his father’s side in Völkersen a good 30 kilometers south of Bremen, was sometimes more successful in this country than in the USA continues to provide amusement. In films like “Eurotrip” and “Voll auf die Nüsse”, this is exactly the point that is alluded to. Also the fact that 2010 a new species of crustacean “Hoff Crab” was baptized, should play its critics in the cards. Because the researcher who discovered this deep-sea crab named the crab after David Hasselhoff because of the dense bristles on its belly. This would have reminded the responsible scientist of the splendid chest hair of the actor and singer.

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