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Who is Davide Toffolo: Biography, Age, Career, Three Allegri Ragazzi Morti and Instagram

Davide Toffolo and the frontman of the group Three Cheerful Dead Boys. Also known as el Tofo, is an Italian cartoonist, guitarist and singer. Active since the 90s in music and comics, Toffolo was in the race, together with Extra smooth, at the Sanremo Festival 2021, with the song White black light. Toffolo and the Extraliscio are classified twelfth in the final classification of the Festival.

Who is Davide Toffolo?

  • No.ome: Davide Toffolo
  • Stage name: el Tofo
  • Zodiac sign: Capricorn
  • Age: 55 years old
  • Datto of birth: January 17, 1965
  • Birth place: Pordenone
  • Profession: cartoonist, singer, guitarist
  • Height: unavailable
  • Weight: unavailable
  • Tattoos: none visible
  • Official Instagram profile: @davideltofo
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Davide Toffolo, said el Tofo, was born on January 17, 1965 in Pordenone, in Friuli-Venezia Giulia. Graduated in anatomical drawing at the University of Bologna, attends the cartoon school by Uncle Feininger, Andrea Pazienza and Lorenazo Mattotti. Davide starts playing at the late seventies, when Pordenone becomes one of the most important cities for Italian punk rock. In 1994 he founded, together with bassist Stefano Muzzin and Luca Masseroni (aka Luca Casta) the Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti group.

Particularly linked to the history of Italian comics, Davide, participates in numerous exhibitions And teaches young people the art of comics, collaborating for more than 10 years with schools and cultural associations. His graphic works concern both i comics that the animations. Its two activities, cartoonist and musician, are supplemented by performance drawing e music, like the musical atmospheres during his exhibitions of comics oi video clip of the singles musicalthe.

Cartoonist, singer and guitarist, Toffolo has to his credit the publication of: 9 music albums, 16 video clips with drawn cartoons and sometimes even direct ones, 16 self-contained comic books and 2 comic series.

We will see it, together with the Italian musical group Extra smooth, on the Ariston stage this year; together they will sing the song White black light.

Davide Toffolo and the Three Dead Boys

The group was born in 1994 on the initiative of Davide Toffolo, Stefano Muzzin and Luca Masseroni e si affirms on the Italian music scene between 1997 and 1998 thanks to Monsters and normals, through a particular alternative rock mixed with punk with influences American blues and indie rock.

Toffolo and the band, gain popularity thanks also to the their image: David himself, in fact, draw the skull-masks that hide the faces of the members of the group. Thanks to masks the group makes itself immediately recognizable even those who don’t know their music well.

Immediately after 2000, the group founded its own label The Storm Disks that in addition to publishing their works, produces among others also The Theater of Horrors And The lights of the power plant. Since 2004 the group (TARM) sees himself much more engaged in album releases and busy tours like that which mixes music, words and drawings, and which is inspired by the book Interview with Pasolini, written by Toffolo, dedicated to the life of the artist of the same name.

Before 2010 the group is engaged in various foreign tours and makes use of important collaborations like those with Giorgio Canali, Zen Circus And Violent Femmes. In 2008 the same Toffolo publishes, in three volumes, the definitive edition from Five Merry Boys Morti, la comic series from whose imagination the band was born.

After releasing the album Inhumans in 2016, which sees the collaboration with Jovanotti, the last work of the group dates back to 2019, when they publish Syndicate of dreams, only to return to the 2020 with the single When.

Davide Toffolo cartoonist

Toffolo is very attached to history of Italian comics. In 2007 he took part in the tribute to Magnus at the international comic festival BilBOlbul in Bologna with a personal exhibition: “In the hands of Magnus“, In Piazza Maggiore. Who inspires him are above all Pier Paolo Pasolini And Ettore Petrolini.

For more than ten years collaborates with schools and cultural associations, in fact, in 2000 he created the manual: Making Comics. Draw i side show banners for the 2008 theatrical tour of Vinicio Capossela.

Publish many comic book collections such as The winter of Italy, which tells the story of two Slovenian children living in a Italian concentration camp during the war years; in the same year, 2010, holds a comic novel workshop, in Turin in collaboration with the National Cinema Museum.

In 2011 is the theatrical show inspired by his comic Interview with Pasolini, which sees David accompanying the poet’s words with his drawings, all framed by sound created from the rest of the de group Three Cheerful Dead Boys.

Graphic Novel is Dead is instead theautobiography of Toffolo, expressed in 140 comic strips; everything is celebrated by the musical Five Merry Dead Boys, transposition of the autobiography, staged at Litta Theater in Milan in January 2014.

After taking the role of Magister of the Napoli Comicon of 2020 (later canceled due to COVID-19), publish the comic limited edition Everything will be fine, which narrates the COVID-19 pandemic, from the point of view of the virus itself.

Videoclip: designed and directed

Davide Toffolo, during his long career, he also has designed and directed many music videos, both for his group and for other artists. To name a few:

  • Every adolescence (Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti), 2001
  • Almost suitable (Three Cheerful Dead Boys), 2001
  • I want (Three Allegri Ragazzi Morti), 2004
  • I want to arm myself (Punkreas), 2000
  • I’m a garbage (Prozac +), 2004
  • To fight acne (The lights of the power plant), 2008
  • Punk Lullaby (Zen Circus), 2008
  • Dialogue between a blonde and a gorilla (Jovanotti, Tour), 2015


Followed by over 37 thousand followers, Davide Toffolo on instagram, mostly publishes his own you work as a cartoonist, and those rare times he appears in photos or videos, his face is always concealed by the skull-mask conceived by himself at the time of the foundation of the Tre Ragazzi Morti group.

Toffolo Insta

Private life

He has always kept the utmost confidentiality on his tried and sentimental life. It would appear to have one though partner and a daughter, Zoe.

Sanremo 2021

For the first time on the stage of the Ariston, Davide Toffolo, together with Extraliscio, sang the song White black light. It was, together with Extraliscio, in fact, one of the 26 Big competing at the Sanremo 2021 Festival, conducted by Amadeus who was joined, among others, by Elodie, Matilda De Angelis and Alice Campello, Luca Argentero and Achille Lauro. In the evening dedicated to the duets and covers of Sanremo 2021, Davide Toffolo and the Extraliscio brought “Rosamunda”, classic popular piece, which they interpret with Peter Pichler.

Toffolo and the Extraliscio are classified twelfth in the final classification of the Festival.

White Text Black Light Extraliscio and Davide Toffolo

Like snow
Like winter
I get excited if I don’t hear you
I become vinegar that I was wine
Strange my feeling
That hurts me and keeps me alive
Now that you read my hand
Now that you know the destiny
Tell me there is a distant place
We who walk by
Where no one sees us
And nobody knows who we are
Without you
Without you I would die
Because I’m afraid to walk
If I lose your white light
If I lose your black light
If I lose your white light
If I lose your black light
Made of porcelain
Treat me medicamentosa
You sting me like a nettle spider
Squeeze strong magnet
If I want to go
You still take me
Now that you know the cards
Now that you know the destiny
Tell me there’s a train leaving
We who sit close
And nobody knows us
And it doesn’t matter where we go
Without you
I would die alone here
Because I’m afraid to walk
If I lose your white light
If I lose your black light
If I lose your white light
If I lose your black light
Miraculous source
Poisonous plantation
I have looked for you in everything
And I found you and I’m still looking for you
Without you
I would die alone here
I decided to walk
And I follow your white light
And I follow your black light
And I follow your white light
And I follow your black light

Sanremo 2021 singers


  • It does not appear never in public without the skull mask;
  • The favorite theme in his drawings is that of the difficulties ofadolescence.
  • Ask the audience not to take pictures when, rarely, they show their face;
  • He stated that for a time he had a particular fondness for the Futurism, which influenced him both in the musical field and as a designer.

Davide Toffolo Video


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