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Deborah Guydon


Debbie Gaydon has been a star of several movies and television series. Her most famous role was as the wise genie in Fantasy Island (1977). She was also a designer of gliders and spent eight years performing in repertory at various theaters. She suffered from insomnia, which she later admitted in an interview with TV Guide. In addition to her acting, Debby also has an impressive list of credits to her name.


Deborah Gaydon is wife of Larry Linville, a popular American actor best known for his role as Major Frank Burns on the sitcom M*A*S*H. Deborah Gaydon was married to several women, including Melissa Gallant and Vana Tribbey, and had one son, Kelly Linville. He studied at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London and was a classmate of Ian McShane. He was born on September 29, 1939, in Ojai, California.

Love Story with Kate Geer

Larry Linville was married to several women and has one daughter, Kelly Linville. She has three children. Larry Linville only had one daughter with Kate Geer. They met while working as photographers in Los Angeles. He studied aeronautical engineering at the University of Colorado. Both of them died of pneumonia in 1998. While pursuing her career, Debbie Gaydon is a favorite of many.

Five Marriages

Linville was married five times. He was married to multiple women, including Deborah Gaydon and Susan Hagan. Their only child is Kelly Linville. Both of them were married for more than a decade. He attended the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art from 1959 to 1961. He later met and married Ian McShane. The two were friends and classmates. As a child, he remained in Ojai. Deborah Gaydon was married to Larry Linville from 1993 to 2000. They were separated after divorce. He had one daughter, Kelly Linville. 

Worked as a Model

In addition to being a well-known actress, Deborah Guydon also worked as a model. She had been married to many women, including Larry Gaydon. Their son was born to him in 1976. During her career, she has appeared in more than 70 movies and television series.

His Acting Career

Larry Linville was an American actor who was best known for portraying Major Frank Burns. During his career, he had several roles in television, including “Saturday Night Live” and “The Night Stalker.” He also played a petty-minded psychologist in the TV movie, which was the precursor to Kolchak. He was a prolific actress, and his movies have been a hit.

TV Shows

Besides her starring roles in movies, Deborah Guydon also appeared in several TV shows. In 1977, she was a stuffed-shirt character on “Fantasy Island”. In addition to her career, Gaydon had several relationships with many men. He had two children with the actress Laurie Linville and had a son with him. She was married to five men in all, but only three were confirmed to be married.


The actress was born in 1930. Her mother and father had two children in the same year. Her father, Larry Linville, died of cancer at age 63. She was a popular singer who was recognized in the musical scene. She had a great voice and was able to speak fluently in the language of many people. She also wrote a few other plays and produced a book. There were a number of films and television series starring Gaydon.

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