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Debraca Denise is an American singer who has an estimated net worth of $5 million. Born in 1957, she was the adopted daughter of the late comedian Red Foxx. After her father’s death from a heart attack in 1991, she was adopted by her mother at age nine. Her parents were married on July 22, 1956, but divorced three years later. Today, she lives a quiet and unassuming life. She isn’t active on social media platforms.

Debraca Denise was adopted by late comedian John Elroy Sanford, also known as Redd Foxx. Her parents both died of heart attacks when she was a baby, so she grew up in a relatively low-key environment. In June 1975, she married Ralpha Russell, another actor. The two were married in the grand ballroom of the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. Deimoin Schott was the best man and Antoinette Woods served as the maid of honor.

Debraca Denise’s biological parents were John Elroy and Betty Jean Harris. Her father, Redd, was a famous entertainer who played on over fifty records during his lifetime. After their marriage, they went on to date in Hollywood, where she appeared on numerous television shows. Her mother, a former dancer and singer, had a relationship with the late Michael Jackson. However, she later married Ralpha Russell, a retired engineer, in July 1974.

Debraca Denise’s birth date and place of birth are not known. Her parents’ names were not given to her because she is an only child. She was adopted by the late Redd Foxx after his death. In addition to the movie industry, she also had a career in television, and her early years were spent in the sitcom Sanford and Son. Her late father was a popular American comedian and married actress Betty Harris.

Debraca Denise’s father, John Elroy Sanford, was an actor and a former dancer. She was adopted by her mother, Betty Harris, in 1991. While her mother was a famous dancer and showgirl, she later married Redd Foxx. In June 1974, she married Ralpha Russell. Although she was born with American citizenship, she is of African descent. She is a member of the Christianity religion.

As a child, she had no siblings. She was adopted by the late comedian John Elroy Sanford. During her early years, she was a star of various television shows. In fact, her first role in Sanford and Son was in a show called The Neighborhood. The show’s popularity made her an instant hit in the United States, and she was a renowned showbiz legend. But, as a child, Debraca Denise did not get to experience the spotlight she has now.

Her family is a well-known one in the entertainment industry. Her stepfather, Red Foxx, is an actor and comedian who has made several movies. She is also an adopted child. The family lives in St. Louis, Missouri. After losing her mother at birth, she was adopted by John Elroy Sanford, who later married Red Foxx. The couple had a child together, but the couple divorced.

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