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Dexter Jackson has been married to his wife Gale Elie for 15 years. The couple recently celebrated their 15th anniversary. According to, the actor and musician is single. The former Mr. Universe has been in numerous relationships. Among them is his marriage to Carol Avidan. They separated after he was spotted out partying with a young woman. They later became engaged and separated again. The next year, Dexter shared a picture of them together on his Instagram page.

Dexter met Carol during his senior year in high school and they soon became inseparable. They were even dated before their marriage. The couple eventually split due to some circumstances. In 2006, Dexter’s wife was abducted. She was released within an hour. The couple has a daughter from their previous marriage. The Jacksons have not been seen together since. Although they are married, they continue to appear in fitness articles and other media.

Although it is unclear if the two have a child together, Dexter has been married for several years. His wife is a certified health coach and is a certified fitness trainer. She also enjoys cheat meals, which she claims her husband is fond of. Their daughter, Myah Elie, was born in 2008. They divorced in 2009 due to unspecified reasons, but the couple is still in a committed relationship.

Dexter Jackson is married to Carol Elie. The two met during his senior year of high school and were inseparable for several years. After getting pregnant, they decided to stop college and get married. The couple had a daughter together, but divorced two years later. While Dexter is currently single and has remained in a long-term relationship with different women, his wife remains one of the most beautiful couples in sports.

In 2008, Dexter Jackson married gale elie. Before that, the actor had one relationship with other women. Besides, the couple has three children. If the two are still not married, they are still in a relationship. Despite the fact that they are dating, their relationship is far from over. There are rumors of other people rumors that the two are cheating on each other. There are also reports that the actor is in a relationship with another woman.

The relationship between Dexter Jackson and Carol was a long-standing one. The couple met during a bodybuilding competition, and the relationship ended after a few years. The couple did not have children, but the singer had two sons with Carol. However, the couple has not been together since 2006. There is a child from their previous marriage. The former couple did not date after their divorce, but he has been in many fitness magazines.

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