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Who is Diego Granese: Biography, Age, Career, Girlfriend and Curiosity

Diego Granese is an Italian influencer, blogger, trainer and entrepreneur. Active in various sectors from business consultancy to the creation of innovative brands such as colored sparkling wines, was a guest of Barbara D’Urso for the dispute with Marialaura De Vitis, girlfriend of Paolo Brosio.

Who is Diego Granese

  • First name: Diego Granese
  • Age: 29 years old
  • Date of birth: September 28, 1990
  • Zodiac sign: Balance
  • Birth place: Vigevano (PV)
  • Height: 1.80 cm
  • Weight: 82kg
  • Tattoos: Diego has 4 tattoos: 2 initials on both ankles, an inscription BIG (His nickname) on the right knee, and a vertical inscription on the whole right leg: “Emulation is the passion of noble souls, envy is torture of the vile ones. “
  • Official Instagram profile: @diegogranesereal


Diego Granese was born on 28 September 1990 in Vigevano (PV) under the sign of Libra. He grows up in a middle-class family with a worker dad and a employed mum. The scholastic path goes very well up to high school (by enrolling in the technical institute, his strong and ambitious identity emerges and creates clashes with teachers and the “system”). After obtaining the diploma he decided to interrupt his studies and not to attend university. This choice of his has displaced friends and relatives, but Diego has had clear ideas for some time, his goal is to become an entrepreneur and to achieve it you don’t need a degree. Diego proves to be full of initiative, a true multifaceted personality and through various jobs he manages to establish himself as an entrepreneur and influencer: his Instagram profile in fact already boasts 60 thousand followers and is in full growth.

Diego Granese Instagram profile

What’s her job?

Diego changes various jobs until, always passionate about sports and the gym, he decides to undertake a path in this sense and after a period of training he begins to work in fitness club becoming soon an established personal trainer. His business continues and at 22 he opens his own gym together with a partner. However, the activity of the gym causes him to have clashes with his partner: the partnership between the two is dissolved and Diego finds himself having to start over, also recovering some debts contracted by the previous management. After many sacrifices he manages to create a small successful club and pay for everything, at which point he sells and invests to join a large chain of gyms as a member: Fitup Europe.

In Fitup he juggles as manager and administrator and together with the group he opens many gyms and centers. He is currently still in the Fitup group holding many company shares.

During this entrepreneurial path that lasted years, he focuses on his entrepreneurial skills by investing in other activities and coordinating activities and startups. He founded his first innovative technological startup together with two other partners in 2016

At the end of 2017 he decided to put his experience on the market by first founding his personal holding the “Granese & El Faria Group” to invest and control activities and then the international business consultancy firm “Landmark International” was born from it, his current core business. .

In the meantime, it creates and develops various activities and brands, including the brand of national importance AVIVA WINES which produces colored sparkling wines that will have an important response on the Italian market in 2019. Diego is also an established trainer and is involved in high-level training and business coaching.Diego is currently engaged in social work with voluntary work, is a former Rotaract member and Avis donor, and is also writing a book that will be published in the 2020 course.

Diego has recently started to carry out training and consultancy activities by introducing Life and business coaching services. His goal is to help people in their life paths, not just entrepreneurial, by allowing them to invest in his projects.

Private life

Diego Granese was involved in the gossip regarding the kiss between the footballer Lazaar and Giulia D’urso. Diego also defended Giulia from the pages of the Novella 2000 newspaper. Here Granese declared that the girl did not betray the tronist Giulio Raselli with the footballer during the courtship of men and women. The editorial staff of Men and Women received a report from Sheri, a friend of Giulia, of an alleged kiss between this and Lazaar. The denial of Giulia’s alleged betrayals against the tronist Giulio Raselli comes from the young entrepreneur Diego Granese. In fact, he too was a guest, along with Giulia and Lazaar, of the party where, according to Sheri’s statement, the two would kiss.

Diego presents a version of the facts that is totally different from the one told by Giulia’s friend. According to the entrepreneur, in fact, the evening took place normally, Giulia and Lazaar spoke cordially throughout the evening, as two friends would do. Diego also specifies that he had been the whole evening with the two and that he had not seen absolutely any kisses, on the contrary, he declared that he also had adequate evidence to prove his statement. Diego reiterated that he is in possession of the videos of the evening where it is possible to see how Giulia and the footballer are limited only and exclusively to words. After this denial the question arises, why did Sheri make such a statement? According to many, the girl tries to gain visibility by inventing a non-existent kiss to the detriment of Giulia and Giulio.

On New Year’s Eve Diego Granese was paparazzi together with the model Aida Yespica in Chamonix (very close to the journalist Gabriele Parpiglia). The Venezuelan model is currently engaged with Giuseppe “Geppi” Lama, a well-known entrepreneur and influencer.

In September Diego Granese was photographed together with Mila Suarez, model of Moroccan origins and ex-girlfriend of Alex Belli currently engaged with Delia Duran. The two were seen together in Milan driving off together after a dinner.

Between the end of November and December 2020 Diego Granese arrives in Barbara D’Urso’s Sunday Live lounges for some chats and an alleged kiss with Paolo Brosio’s twenty-year-old girlfriend Marialaura De Vitis.


  • In 2018 Diego did a shooting for the well-known Intimissimi brand
  • Diego is a stubborn and determined person who does not give up and does not stop ahead of people’s prejudices.
  • He started working at just 22 and has since managed to make his own way into the world of entrepreneurship
  • The entrepreneur is a blood donor at AVIS, the Italian Blood Volunteers Association.
  • He obtained the Instructor / Personal Trainer diploma recognized by Coni, the Italian National Olympic Committee
  • In addition to being a successful entrepreneur, Diego is also a Personal Trainer and Food Educator, in fact in 2012 he obtained the certificate of Food Educator at Fif, the Italian Fitness Federation.

Diego’s video


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