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Digital Marketing 2021: Check What will be the Trend

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Artificial intelligence, electric and internet-based cars, virtual search, robots: technological trends in 2021 keep coming. And not unlike this scenario, Digital Marketing is renewed every year and new sales strategies are created.

A year ends, a year begins and Digital Marketing remains consolidated as one of the most effective tools to attract customers and expand the brand. And, to be successful with this tool, you need to be aware of changes and innovations. Want to know what will be the main trends for digital marketing in 2021? Continue reading the article and find out!

Private Conversations for Communication

Thanks to Digital Marketing, the use of social networks with the objective of interacting with customers as possible. This is because, through institutional posts and videos, these channels draw the attention of the consumer and provide a unique and personalized service regardless of where the customer and company are.

We can even say that private chats on social networks are a younger and updated version of the email.

Thinking about it, why not follow this trend and invest in communicating with your customers on social networks? Click here to learn more about this strategy.

Visual Search

According to recent research, 90% of the information absorbed by the human brain is in the form of images. In addition, they are processed 60,000 times faster than any text. So, there is nothing fairer than exploring this to sell more, isn’t it?

Apps like Pinterest Lens allow the user to find articles in-store catalogs that are similar to the image shown.

So it is essential to keep your list of items up to date and optimize SEO, especially for images. Inserting title tags and descriptions are essential for Google’s search algorithm to understand what the figure is about and how to relate it to searches performed by Internet users.

Audio and Video Content

Like images, audio and videos have become popular in the universe of Digital Marketing. This is because, due to the lack of day-to-day time, users are increasingly preferring sound content, since it is possible to listen in the car, during the bath and so on.

Just to give you an idea of ​​the greatness of audio, according to a recent survey, the sound media had its number of listeners tripled in the last decade in the United States.

Therefore, choose to produce videos about your brand and podcasts explaining certain issues related to your company.