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Donnie Wahlberg net worth is an American who acts, sings and makes movies. He has 25 million dollars. Donnie Wahlberg first came to prominence as a member of the boy band New Kids on the Block. He is also an actor and businessman. New Kids On The Block, he learned a lot from these groups and that was the beginning of his career. He participated in many TV shows and also participated in many good movies.

Donnie Wahlberg Early Life

Donnie Wahlberg net worth was born on August 17, 1969, and he is 53 years old now He was born in Boston, Massachusetts, United States. He grew up in the wealthy family of his father, Donald Edmond Wahlberg Sr, who worked as Alma Elaine, a banker and a nursing assistant. His name is Donald Edmond Wahlberg Jr.

Donnie was the eighth of nine children in a working-class family. Wahlberg grew up in the Dorchester section of Boston and attended Copley Square High School. He started rapping in the 1980s with the band New Kids on the Block. He has made a name for himself in various fields including singing, acting, rapping, and songwriting.

Donnie Wahlberg Music Career

Donnie Wahlberg and his best friend Danny Wood both attended Copley Square High School. It was during this period that the duo formed the rap group The Kool-Aid Bun.

At age 15, Donnie successfully auditioned for famous music producer Maurice Starr. Impressed with Wahlberg’s singing, rapping, and dancing skills, Starr signed the promising musician to his boy band. Donnie then recruited his brother Mark Wahlberg and his friend Danny Wood, along with Jordan Knight and Knight’s brother Jonathan. However, Mark left the group soon after. The other members of the group took the name “New Kids on the Block.

New Kids on the Block signed with Columbia Records and in 1986, the group released their self-titled debut album. The album was a huge failure as almost all the songs failed to receive significant airplay.

NKOTB released their second studio album, Hangin’ Tough, the following year. The album achieved moderate success. The first single, Please Don’t Go Girl, reached number 10 on the Billboard charts.

Donnie Wahlberg’s boy band New Kids on the Blocks has a separate studio that includes six studio albums. Includes Step by Step 1990, Face the Music 1994, The Block 2008, 10 2013 and Thankful (EP) 2017.

Donnie Wahlberg Acting Career

Wahlberg’s first movie was called Bullet’ and it came out in 1996. It also starred Tupac Shakur and Mickey Rourke. In that year, he acted as a kidnapper in a movie called Ransom with Mel Gibson. He first offered it to his brother Mark, but Mark had to say no because he got the main role in Boogie Nights. Even though the movie was not very big, people liked the way Donnie acted as Danny Quinn. Donnie got a lot of good feedback for his role in the movie ‘The Sixth Sense’ in 1999 and in the TV show Band of Brothers. He played Second Lieutenant C in Band of Brothers. In 2003, Donnie acted in a movie called Dreamcatcher, which was based on a book by Stephen King about aliens invading Earth. Wahlberg was in the second Saw movie in 2005. In 2007, Donnie was in two TV shows: Kings of South Beach and The Kill Point. He was in the movies Righteous Kill and What Doesn’t Kill You in 2008.

Wahlberg started acting in the TV show Blue Bloods as Detective Daniel Reagan in 2010. During the show’s early seasons, Donnie earned $60,000 per episode, or about $1.3 million per season. In recent years, his salary per episode has reached $150,000, equivalent to about $3.3 million per season. In 2014, he started being on the TV show Wahlburgers and in 2015 he was on the show Donnie Loves Jenny. Wahlberg was nominated for a TV award for his show Wahlburgers in 2014 and 2015. He was chosen as a potential winner for a Teen Choice Award in 2006 for his role in Saw II and a People’s Choice Award in 2017 for being a favorite actor in a TV crime drama. He was in charge of making the TV show Boston’s Finest’ from 2014 to 2015. His newest movie so far is the comedy Zookeeper, which came out in 2011. Donnie got back together with his old bandmates from NKOTB to make a new album called The Block in 2008. It got to number. 1 on the list of top songs. They travelled around the world to advertise the album. Donnie and the other guys from NKOTB sang on the Package Tour in 2013.

Donnie Wahlberg Personal Life

Donnie Wahlberg net worth was charged with arson in 1991 after burning down the Seelbach Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky. NKOTB was celebrating with fans when Wahlberg threw vodka on the hallway rug and started burning it. The charge was reduced to a misdemeanor and dismissed after Donnie agreed to appear in public service announcements discussing fire safety and drunk driving.

Wahlberg was married to Kim Fey from 1999 to 2008 and married model/comedian Jenny McCarthy in 2014 and has two children. He co-owns the Wahlburgers hamburger restaurant chain featured on the show along with brothers Paul and Mark.

Donnie Wahlberg Height And Weight

Donnie Wahlberg is 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs about 170 pounds. He is known for his athletic body and energetic stage presence, which have contributed to his popularity over the years.

Donnie Wahlberg Social Media

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Donnie Wahlberg Nationality

Donnie Wahlberg’s family background is Irish, French Canadian, and Swedish. He is happy about where he comes from. Wahlberg often says that how he was raised and his cultural background had a big impact on his work and the way he sees life and his job.

Donnie Wahlberg is a person from America and has citizenship in two countries. He was born in the US and has lived there for most of his life. Wahlberg is famous for what he has done in the American entertainment industry and is still loved by many people in the country.

Donnie Wahlberg Achievement And Awards

In 2010, Wahlberg played detective Danny Reagan in the TV show Blue Bloods on CBS. He was on the show for 11 seasons until 2020 and was nominated for the People’s Choice Award for Best Crime Drama Actor on TV.

Donnie Wahlberg has won lots of awards and been recognized for his work in entertainment. He has been chosen for many awards, like a Primetime Emmy Award, and has won many awards for his acting in movies and TV shows. Wahlberg has made a big impact in the entertainment world, and people really like him. 


Donnie Wahlberg started in a boy band and became a successful actor and producer because he is talented and made smart career decisions. His large amount of money shows how much he is a big part of the entertainment industry.

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