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doug benson net worth

According to authoritative sources, Doug Benson has a net worth of $6.5 million. This actor has been involved in several films, including the 1996 hit Super High Me. His other media work includes the digital broadcast Doug Loves Movies, his weekly Maryjane video web recording show, and his monthly webcast The Benson Interruption. He is currently single and is expected to reach the age of 58 by 2020.

In addition to his acting career, Benson is also a devoted pot rights activist. In the eighties, Benson was active in his high school dramatization office, working on 8-mm spine-chiller shorts and activity shorts. After graduating from Grossmont College, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue his career in acting. Despite his growing popularity in the entertainment industry, Benson battled with vertigo and poor depth perception.

The actor was born in San Diego, California, in 1962. He was raised in a Methodist family. As a child, he struggled with vertigo and poor depth perception. He went on to play guitar and become involved in theater. In college, he graduated from Grossmont College and moved to Los Angeles to pursue his acting career. Currently, he has a net worth of $4.5 million.

Benson’s net worth comes from his acting career. He has appeared in numerous TV shows and movies, including “Best Week Ever” and “Comedy Central Presents.” He also has his own podcast called “Doug Loves Movies.” The show features film trivia that he learns while doing the show. In addition, Benson hosts a popular talk show on YouTube called “Getting Doug with High.” This show features live guests smoking marijuana with him.

The comic is known for his pot-rights advocacy. His first album was Comedy Death Ray, and his second was Unbalanced Loaf. His third album, Hypocritical Oaf, is his latest. His net worth is estimated at over $4 million. He has starred in multiple TV shows and concerts and has a net worth of over $4 million. And his career in comedy has only just begun!

In addition to his acting career, Benson has also released comedy albums. His second album, Unbalanced Load, was released in 2009. His previous albums include Potty Mouth (2011), Gateway Doug (2013), and Promotional Tool (2015). Besides performing in films, he has also recorded numerous podcasts. His weekly podcast, The High Road, features comedians and actors from different fields. This has helped him to build his net worth significantly.

During his college years, Doug Benson began appearing on TV and in movies. He was a star at Grossmont High School and later starred in several films. His debut album Comedy Death Ray is his best-selling release. His second album, Unbalanced Loaf, Hypocritical Oaf, and Promotional Tool have also received critical acclaim. As of 2016, his net worth is more than $4 million.

In 1986, Doug Benson began his stand-up comedy career. He started doing this at age 22 and has been performing ever since. While doing stand-up comedy, he also has a YouTube talk show called ‘Getting Doug With High.’ He earned $500,000 in total during his first decade in the industry. Currently, he has a net worth of $3 million and is still active in the entertainment industry.

While growing up, Benson attended Grossmont High School in California and later graduated from Grossmont College. He struggled with vertigo and had less perception. As a child, Doug Benson had difficulty hearing and seeing. As a teenager, he began experimenting with drugs and became interested in theater. His dramatic skills were developed during his high school days. He has been married for the past five years and has two children.

The comedian earned an estimated $60 million in 2016. In addition to his acclaimed comedy career, Benson is the host of Comedy Central’s ‘Super High Me’ documentary. He also hosts the popular podcast “Doug Loves Movies”. The show, which first aired in January 2011, has become a monthly podcast. At the time of writing, his net worth was at $3 million. He had a net worth of $7.5 million.

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