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Dr Shannon Curry and Her Husband Ty

Dr. Shannon Curry is a clinical and forensic psychologist, licensed in both California and Hawaii. She owns the Curry Psychology Group, a multi-specialty counseling center in Orange County.

She’s also a forensic expert witness for law enforcement and the judicial system. She was hired to evaluate Amber Heard’s mental health during the trial against Johnny Depp.

What is Dr. Shannon Curry’s Net Worth?

She is a famous American clinical psychologist, therapist, teacher, social media influencer and entrepreneur from Newport Beach, California, United States. She is a skilled expert in giving well-informed assessments on common as well as criminal matters.

She got her bachelor’s degree in psychology and social behavior from UC Irvine, followed by her master’s and doctorate degrees from Pepperdine University. She is also a certified Gottman therapist.

Her net worth is estimated to be around $6.5 million, which she has earned from her professional career. She has worked in both clinical and forensic psychology for 15 years now.

She is married to Ty, who she married in April 2021. She has a very low profile about her marriage, as she keeps her marital life private. She is very happy with her partner.

Who is Dr. Shannon Curry’s Husband?

In Orange Country, California, a counselling center called Curry Psychology Group is run by Dr. Shannon Curry, who specializes in helping people with trauma, violence, and relationships.

She has a 15-year career in clinical and forensic psychology. She formed her own ’counseling center’ in 2013 and leads multi-specialty counseling.

According to her official website, she helps military and regular citizens to change their connections, overcome injury and misery, and improve general life. She also focuses on civil rights work.

Testifying in the defamation case involving Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, she said she believed Heard had borderline personality disorder. She reached her conclusion after interviewing Heard for 12 hours and reviewing her medical documents.

On cross-examination, Heard’s lawyers pointed out that Curry had dinner and drinks with Depp and his lawyers before she was hired. They also questioned her about the infamous muffins she brought to Heard in her psychological assessments.

Does Dr. Shannon Curry have Children?

Dr. Shannon Curry has been married to husband Ty since 2021, however, she has never confirmed whether or not they have children.

Dr Shannon Curry is a clinical psychologist and therapist. She works for a counseling center called Curry Psychology Group in Orange Country, California.

According to her official website, she helps people with trauma, violence and relationships. She has been in the industry for 15 years.

She is a licensed forensic psychologist and has degrees from both California and Hawaii. She also founded her own psychiatric counseling center.

In 2008, she made headlines for her work helping Juan Carbajal, a 17-year-old Peruvian who was born with deformities, to come to the United States for surgery. She helped him live with her family until he was able to get the operation in the US.

What is Dr. Shannon Curry’s Age?

Dr. Shannon Curry is a renowned professional psychologist and clinical therapist. She is also a forensic expert.

She is a permanent resident of Orange County, California, United States. She is a certified clinical and forensic psychologist in both California and Hawaii.

Early Life

She was born in 1979 and grew up in New Port Beach, California. She owns the Curry Psychology Group, a main multi-specialty counseling facility in Orange County, California. She has 15 years of experience in conducting research, providing therapy and evaluating the psychological effects of trauma, violence and relationships.

She has a doctorate and master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University. She completed her post-doctorate studies at Alliant International University-San Francisco Bay. She also has a certification in Clinical Psychopharmacology from Alliant University.

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