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Drake: The rapper’s net worth and income

How much money does Drake have?

At the age of 23, Drake wished he had at least $ 25 million in fortune by the time he was 25. The rapper has fulfilled this wish and today he is even richer. That’s how he made it onto the list of top-earning stars. His albums enjoy great success. Also the album released in 2018 S.cary Hours and Scorpion were selling well. The cherished Drake’s net worth is 160 million euros. He is also an avowed fan of the NBA Team Toronto Raptors and regularly makes headlines for his energetic behavior on the sidelines. It remains to be seen whether his wish to buy the team will come true at some point.

High income from Drake

Drake income
Since 2016 Drake has even had his own whiskey called “Virginia Black Whiskey” in its range. With this and with other merchandise items, his fortune continues to grow. The multi-talented rapper is also more than successful as an R&B singer, actor and presenter. In 2019 alone, he earned a total of around 75 million US dollars. So we can be curious to see how much he, whose real name is Aubrey Drake Graham, will expand his wealth even further.

So business is going very well for the musician. In his private life, however, he is still looking for perfect happiness. He is said to have entered into short relationships with other stars in recent years. Including tennis superstar Serena Williams, Rihanna, J-Lo and Jorja Smith.

From TV star to successful rapper

At first, Drake, who has since performed under the pseudonym Drizzy, was not known as a rapper. Rather, Graham started his Acting career in the role of Jimmy Brooks in “Degrassi: The Next Generation.” It would take until 2006 before the all-rounder appeared as a rapper with a series of self-produced mix tapes. The single “Replacement Girl,” which Drake recorded together with Trey Songz, finally helped him make a breakthrough as a musician, even if really profitable successes were still a while in coming.

Fortune Drake
The Canadian, who now lives in LA like many other stars, did not have his own record deal at the time, but was supported as an exceptional musical talent by music greats such as Kanye West, Lil Wayne and Jay-Z. In 2009 his single “Best I Ever Had“Which became a resounding hit, especially in the USA. With this mix of R&B and hip-hop, Drake was ultimately able to ensure that a number of music labels fought over a collaboration with him. Ultimately, there was a cooperation agreement with Young Money Entertainment and Cash Money Records, in which Universal Records was also involved as a distribution label.

Awards and Achievements

Then Drake could fully take off with his music career. He has since been nominated for several Grammys. The black horse was even allowed to appear at the 2010 Grammys ceremony. With more than 5 million albums sold, the rapper has proven that he is one of the greats in show business. In addition to a Grammy, he was also able to look forward to the Juno Award for Best New Artist and Best Rap Album 2010. That year “Thank Me Later” was released. By 2018 Drake had released five studio albums, with his second album, “Take Care, It’s Never Enough,” winning the 2013 Grammy, the most important music award of all time. A BET Award also adorns the rapper’s shelf.

Drake has also made a name for himself as a popular advertising face. He wasn’t just an advertising star for Kodak and Sprite. His face also graced the aircraft of the airline Virgin America, which relies on the coolness factor anyway. By the way, he was able to win Jay-Z and Lil Wayne for his debut album. That certainly contributed to the Canadian rapper’s more than successful music career. So it is fair to say that Drake really did everything right across the board and will continue to benefit financially from it in the future.

Toronto mansion – that’s how rich Drake is

In his video for the song Toosie Slide, Drizzy shows his ostentatious $ 100 million mansion that shines with luxury. An indoor basketball court is part of the 4,600 m2 villa, which is protected from prying eyes by 4.4 meter high fences.

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