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Dwight Gooden Net Worth


Dwight Gooden has a net worth of $35 million. He is also married to Monique Moore and the couple has two children. The couple met at Hillsborough High School in Florida and married on 24 January 2009. They separated in 2005. You can find his networth on his wiki. The following are his notable achievements. In addition to these, you can find out more about his childhood, education, and relationship status.


Dwight Gooden was born in 1964, making him the youngest of three children. His father, who was a chemical engineer, worked for the Cargill Corporation, and his mother, who ran a popular local pool hall, were both avid fans of baseball. He was able to learn to throw an overhand curveball by the age of seven. At nine years old, he was part of a Little League team. He continued to excel in baseball throughout high school and became a scout for various teams.

Net Worth

Dwight Gooden has a net worth of $300 thousand as of 2021. His professional baseball career earned him $36 million, but he eventually lost all of it. He sold his Florida dream home for two million dollars in 2003. His current net wealth is estimated at $30 million. This is a fairly high number for someone of Dwight Gooden’s caliber. GOODEN NET WORTH:


His net worth is impressive, especially considering his controversial past and his drug-addiction issues. But the truth is, Dwight Gooden’s net wealth is not very impressive. If he has no money, he’s not worth having, so his current income will keep him comfortable. He is married to Monica Harris and has four children together. He has been married to Monique Moore since August 2009. The couple has five children. A divorced man with a lot of money is a great example of a successful relationship. In addition to his wealth, Dwight Gooden has a long list of accomplishments.

Parents Divorce

Dwight Gooden is a former Major League Baseball player. He was born on November 16, 1964 in Tampa, Florida. His father was a chemical salesman. His mother’s parents both worked at a local pool hall. His father had drug and alcohol addiction problems and was a drunk. The couple divorced when he was just 16 years old. He eventually made enough money to buy a home and have a family.

Successful baseball player

His career spanned more than two decades and he has accumulated a vast amount of money. Despite his many controversies, he is still a highly successful baseball player with a modest net worth. In addition to a high salary, he also has a lot of a hefty personal history.


Dwight Gooden has been married twice. He married Monica Harris in 1987 and divorced her in 2004. The couple has five children, Dwight Jr., Devin Gooden,Ashley Gooden,Ariel Gooden and Darren Gooden.He has been in numerous relationships with various women. He is currently married to Monique Moore and has no significant relationships. He has two children with Monica Harris. His wife, Monique Moore, is a former professional baseball player.


Dwight Gooden was born in 1964 and is currently 57 years old. He has an estimated net worth of $50 million. While his career has been very successful, he has also been involved in numerous controversies. In 1986, he was arrested for assaulting a police officer. He tested positive for cocaine and was sent to a rehab facility. In 2002, he was caught driving drunk .


Dwight Gooden’s net worth is estimated at $300 million USD. He has been an exceptional baseball player for the past 16 years and has won numerous awards. He has received many awards and has a large number of fans. The good news is that he is able to live comfortably thanks to his hard work. He has earned over half a billion dollars, and is also a very influential figure in the world of sports.

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