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Ed O’Neill: The Actor’s Fortune

How rich is Ed O’Neill?

Ed O’Neill has made a name for himself around the globe with the role of Al Bundy. The sitcom “A Terribly Nice Family” is still on television in many countries around the world. The show was shot between 1987 and 1997. A total of 259 episodes testify to how successful this format was when it was first broadcast. Even today, TV viewers don’t have to do without Ed O’Neill. The American is now involved in “Modern Family”, a show that is at least as successful. There he takes on a leading role in the role of Jay Pritchett and can be seen in the US on TV station ABC. Since 2018 he has been collecting a fee of 500,000 US dollars per episode “Modern Family”. Between 2014 and 2018 it was $ 200,000 per episode. The cherished Ed O’Neill’s net worth is € 60 million.

NFL Dreams & Odd Jobs

Ed O'Neill income
The multi-millionaire once had a completely different dream. He didn’t want an actor at all I’d rather be a professional footballer. Indeed, in 1969, Ed managed to land an invitation to practice training with the Pittsburgh Steelers. But it wasn’t enough for a regular place with the NFL team. Nonetheless, Ed continues to live out his love for this sport, at least privately. After nothing came of this career dream, the future star kept afloat with various odd jobs.

Whether as a bartender, steel worker, social studies teacher or as a dealer for used cars, Ed O’Neill initially earned his humble bread. But then he discovered acting as a hobby. The American then took acting courses at the university in his hometown in Ohio. He was also seen in various plays at the theater there. Ed’s main job was as a teacher during this time. But that was not enough for the talented amateur actor. He moved to New York City to try his luck as an actor in the Big Apple.

Ed O’Neill’s career

Another’s bad luck was Ed O’Neill’s golden chance. He was allowed to Take the lead role in the Broadway play “Knockout”when the previous main actor was unable to do this for health reasons. The good reviews for his performance meant that the rising star received other role offers in the city of New York. He was allowed to take part in plays by John Steinbeck and Tennessee Williams, for example. Thus the foundation stone for the later television career was laid.

Ed O'Neill's fees
In the meantime, Ed O’Neill has made a name for himself primarily as a TV star. Today’s millionaire was able to shine on the big screen. He with many Participated in cinema productions such as “My partner with the cold snout” and “The bone hunter”. The star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, with which Ed O’Neill has been adorned since the late summer of 2011, shows that this man’s talent cannot be dismissed out of hand. That this star is in front of a shoe shop is all the more fitting. After all, the figure of Al Bundy was himself a shoe seller.


In 1990, this man was also the first actor to do the The comedy series “Saturday Night Live” was ever allowed to moderate. The father of two has also taken home several prestigious awards. He received the TV Land Award in the “Innovator Award” category in 2009. The American has even received the Screen Actors Guild Award three times. For the Emmy and the Golden Globe, however, Ed O’Neill was only nominated without being able to win the race.

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