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Ed Sheeran: The Singer’s Fortune

How rich is Ed Sheeran?

The somewhat shy-looking Ed Sheeran is also on everyone’s lips in Germany. This has not only to do with his appearances on “The Voice Kids”. In fact, there are hardly any singers in the music business at the moment who can hold a candle to him. If his career continues so successfully, he could soon break the 200 million euro mark. After all, Ed Sheeran now also appears as the maker of a boy band, which could also contribute to his immeasurable wealth. The cherished Ed Sheeran’s net worth is 170 million euros.

Ed Sheeran’s Income

Ed Sheeran's Income
In an interview, Ed Sheeran announced that he would cast his own band. He wanted to take this with him on his tour. Your songs should all come from the pen of the songwriter himself. That is probably the most important guarantee for the success of the new band. So one can only wish the singer that he will have such a lucky hand with this project too. In 2016, Ed, whose real name is actually Edward Christopher Sheeran, was named one of the highest paid musicians by Forbes. After all, he had in just a year earned a proud 31 million euros and earns the respect of his music colleagues with it. In 2019, he topped the income with $ 110 million in just one year.

Income per concert

Ed is known for his concerts and he sells tickets in seconds. According to a current ranking from the event platform Pollstar, it brings its organizers on average 7 million euros per concert one. (Average ticket price: 80 euros) Worldwide only Taylor Swift was able to top this value.

Merit of Ed Sheeran
Some media have also reported that Ed Sheeran is a real saver. Just The singer is supposed to allocate 1,155 euros each month as a kind of pocket moneywhich he can use at his own free disposal. In addition, the successful singer should continue to use the same account that he opened when he was a teenager. Ed also admitted in the interview that he would probably just wreck all his money if he had constant access to it. Therefore, he has deliberately set a rather low limit, whereby most of the money is probably spent on taxi rides.

The life of an aspiring superstar

Ed Sheeran’s love of music was aroused during his school days. He learned how to play the guitar at an early age and wrote his own songs at an early age. These were mainly influenced by Van Morrison. His first EP, which however could not achieve a high level of awareness, was released in 2005. At that time Ed Sheeran was just 14 years old. It was still a long time before Ed finally got a record deal with Atlantic Records. In 2010 the time had come and in 2011 his debut single was released under the name “The A Team”. In Germany it was above all the casting show “The Voice of Germany,” which helped the singer to become very popular in this country and which made his single climb higher and higher in the charts.

Ed Sheeran's fortune

In 2012, Ed Sheeran also performed with a number of other high-profile musicians at the closing ceremony of the Summer Olympics in the British capital, London. Together they covered a song by Pink Floyd. Since this event at the latest, Sänge has become world-famous. The collaboration with Taylor Swift in the same year also contributed to the enormous popularity of the British pop star. With just four albums, Ed Sheeran has achieved what most musicians can only dream of. His album “÷”, which was released in March 2017, was able to climb to pole position in the charts not only in the USA and England, but also in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. He was able to place all 16 songs on the album in the charts and broke several records. It also sold a staggering 11 million copies. Apparently he has Ed Sheeran’s triumphant advance has only just begun!

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