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Rumored Girlfriend 

There are rumors that Edgar Wright has a new girlfriend. The director is often photographed wearing a shiny wedding ring. It is believed that the two exchanged vows in a secret location. It is unclear when the couple is getting married, but the relationship seems to be going well. For now, there are no reports that suggest a new relationship between the couple. However, there is no concrete evidence of any romance.


The film director’s relationship with Anna Kendrick broke up in 2013, with the actress tweeting, “We are getting married!” before it was widely known. The couple is still single, and neither actor has commented on the split. While the couple is no longer dating, it’s apparent that they are both enjoying their new family life. The relationship is not known to have been an easy one, but it’s clear that they are happy together now.

Current Projects

Edgar Wright has a $10 million net worth and is currently working on two projects :a short film called Beck: Colors (2018) and an animation film called Shadows. As of 2019, the filmmaker is engaged to actress Anna Kendrick, whom he met in 2010 while filming Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. The relationship is rumored to be serious, but no solid proof has surfaced.

Mystery Love

Edgar Wright’s relationship with Julia Bender remains a mystery, but it is likely that she is the person who is bringing him joy. There are rumors about a romance between the two, but Wright’s silence has not changed the fact that the two are still living together. If this is the case, there are plenty of other women who might be interested in the star’s love life. And who knows, there might even be more.

Other Relationship 

The relationship between Edgar Wright and Julia Bender did not last long. The two were first seen together in 2010 on the set of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. The two haven’t been married, but he has dated other women, including Anna Kendrick. Although the couple hasn’t been seen together since the movie’s premiere, it is still possible that they are dating. The pair fell in love but the distance was a major cause of their breakup. In the end, they are still friends and enjoying each other’s company. But their relationship has a few more complexities. The director’s relationship with Anna Kendrick was complicated in the beginning.

Two Years of Relationship 

The two were unable to stay in touch for long, because she was very upset with paparazzi photographers. In the end, their relationship lasted just over two years, and it was very successful. The actor was even married before he was married, and his wife is also an actress.

Drinking Buddies

Despite his unruly relationship with Kendrick, the actor has remained faithful to his friends. His rumored girlfriend, Anna Kendrick, is a model and a singer. Her ex-husband, Edgar Wright, and Garth Jennings are friends and have been spotted on the set of his film Drinking Buddies. He’s also a fan of the rock band Sparks.


As a director, Edgar Wright has been rumored to have a number of relationships over the years. He’s been linked to a number of TV shows and has been in a lot of films. While his past relationships have been rumored to be secretive, his relationship with his current girlfriend has not been confirmed. Nevertheless, he has been dating her for many years and has a daughter with her.

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