Elize Matsunaga Net Worth


Elize Matsunaga net worth is still unknown, but we can assume that she is at least $5 million. However, this is not enough to measure her success on the big screen. She has also been accused of killing a man while defending herself. She is currently 47 years old and still has some way to go to reach that figure. Let’s see what we know about Elize’s net worth.

Murderer of Husband

A former nurse and lawyer, Elize Matsunaga is best known for her role in the murder of her husband Marcos. She is a prolific author and is listed in several Wikipedia articles related to the murder of Marcos Matsunaga. She was raised by her aunt but was eventually reunited with her mother when she was ten. She was abused by her stepfather and ran away from home when she was fifteen. She later turned to adultery to raise money for college fees. Her net worth is currently being reviewed.

Struggling Childhood 

Elize Matsunaga net worth is based on her bestselling books, films, and television series. Elize Matsunaga’s net worth is estimated to be in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Although she was raised by her grandma and aunt, she still strives to lead a luxurious life. Despite the low income of her parents, she still worked hard and managed to complete nursing school.

Prison sentence for a Crime

Elize Matsunaga has not disclosed her net worth since she is currently serving a six-year prison sentence for a crime. While the wiki page does not reflect her net worth, it is worth noting that her first marriage did not disclose her parents’ names. Despite the glamor of her net worth, it is hard to say how much her net worth will increase after her husband’s death.


After her divorce from her first husband, Elize Matsunaga relocated to Sao Paulo and began working as an escort. As an escort, she worked for M.Class and was hired on the spot. The two later married in the Anglican church. Elize Matsunaga’s net worth is expected to reach $2 million by 2022. The amount of money Elize Matsunaga makes will certainly increase as the years go by.


Helena Matsunaga was born sometime in 2011, but it is not clear when. After her husband’s death, her paternal family was awarded sole custody of Helena. She has yet to meet her mother. Her father and former escorts did not have time to meet their daughter. However, she did manage to get her sentence commuted, and she will be released in 2035.

Reason of Murder

The couple’s marriage ended in a divorce, but it wasn’t all bad. Elize Matsunaga met her future husband at college. She became pregnant while he was away and they fell in love. After a few years of marriage, Matsunaga’s infidelity was revealed. She and Marcos had a daughter named Helena. If the relationship has ended, Elize will be able to pay off her debts and move on with her life.

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