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Ellen DeGeneres: The Moderator’s Fortune

How rich is Ellen DeGeneres?

When the name “Ellen” is mentioned in a conversation in the USA, it is immediately clear that Ellen DeGeneres is meant. In terms of popularity, Ellen is in almost no way inferior to the famous Oprah Winfrey. After all, the avowed lesbian presenter is one of the most famous TV greats in the United States. Her madness also testifies to this. A high double-digit million income is added to this wealth every year. The A-list of American celebrities is scrambling to be on this woman’s show for a reason. Plus, Ellen DeGeneres is always up for fun. The cherished Ellen DeGeneres’ net worth is € 280 million.

Success in Hollywood

Income from Ellen DeGeneres
Her groundbreaking success has already earned the actress a star on the world-famous Hollywood Walk of Fame. She received this honor as part of a solemn ceremony in 2012. In 2016, Ellen even received the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian honor in the United States. The “Out” magazine has also featured the star several times Number one of the 50 “Most Powerful Gay Men and Women in America” chosen.

One of the funniest women on US television once caused a sensation with her coming out. Because her outing not only affected Ellen herself, but also her character in the ABC sitcom named after her. As early as 1997, Ellen DeGeneres publicly acknowledged her homosexuality on TV and paved the way for many lesbian and gay stars after her.

An insight into the life of the multimillionaire

Nobody could have suspected that Ellen DeGeneres would one day become so filthy rich. After studying communication sciences, she made a living doing part-time and odd jobs. During this time, the American was among other things active as a bartender and waitress. Meanwhile, Ellen is known beyond the borders of her home country like a sore thumb. At least hers works “The Ellen Show” has been on TV since 2001.

Ellen DeGeneres is also a charity

Ellen DeGeneres' fortune
Ellen also had the great honor of hosting both the Emmy Awards, the Academy Awards and the Grammy Awards. Your Oscar selfie with showbiz greats like Jennifer Lawrence, Julia Roberts and Brad Pitt will not be forgotten. Ellen has already amused TV viewers on the casting show “American Idol”. The artist is not only good for a laugh or two. Rather, Ellen DeGeneres also uses her starting status for a good cause and is involved, for example, as the spokesperson for the HRC Coming Out Project.

The moderator also supports an organization called PFLAG (Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays). You really have the star power in Ellen Appeal for donations on the occasion of Hurricane Katrina proven. Ellen was able to collect 10 million US dollars for her compatriots. It’s also not surprising that this woman ranked 17th out of 20 richest women in entertainment in 2007. Her fortune at the time was just 65 million US dollars. Five books from her pen have meanwhile also appeared, while the comedian has shone in various TV and cinema productions from “Roseanne” to “Finding Nemo”.

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