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Elvis Presley: the fortune left behind

How rich was Elvis Presley?

Even in the grave, Elvis Presley, one of the most famous musicians of all time, is still a rich man. Elvis Presley’s bequest is 250 million euros. Thanks to the music rights and films in which Elvis took part, an annual turnover of around 30 million euros is generated long after his death, from which his heirs still benefit. On the list of top earners who have already died, Elvis is in second place behind the King of Pop, Michael Jackson.

Lisa Marie Presley is reportedly broke despite inheritance

Elvis Presley's bequest
That the only daughter, Lisa Marie, of Priscilla and the King of Rock`n`Roll should be bankrupt anyway, her father would probably not be happy at all. Despite the Inheritance of several hundred million euros, which the mother of four receives in the form of 100,000 US dollars a month, the Elvis daughter stated in her divorce process that she is broke. Add to that the fact that Elvis Presley Graceland is giving her an additional salary of $ 4,300 a month, so the question arises as to where all the millions have gone.

The court documents give the answer. There the accusation of mismanagement and embezzlement is loud. The ex-husband and business partner, who in retrospect turned out to be untrustworthy, are to blame. So from a fund of $ 100 million that was set up in 2018, only $ 14,000 remained. Fortunately, at least the ruble kept rolling. Because Elvis’ songs are true evergreens. Although the singer died in the USA in 1977, his songs are still played up and down around the globe. Many fans still celebrate Elvis today – even though they were not even born during the lifetime of this music legend. This creates annual new incomethat Elvis Presley’s heirs will benefit.

Why are Elvis’ heirs still earning Presley today?

The legacy of Elvis Presley
Anyone who is closely related to one of the most successful solo artists of all time will probably be able to expect a never-ending windfall in the future. After all, it’s not just the Graceland pilgrimage site that is busy generating more income. Las Vegas even has its own Elvis Presley Show. It honors the music legend in collaboration with the world-famous Circque du Soleil. Various license shops and countless merchandise items are added. Whether mugs, dolls, T-shirts or posters with Elvis, where Elvis is on it, his heirs earn money from it.

Elvis Presley got the same during his short life of just 42 years recorded more than 700 songs. This is also a financial blessing for the heirs as it allows them to continue to earn money from him. As soon as the radio or television plays a song by Elvis, the cash registers ring. One billion records sold are due to this gifted artist. Even the artists who are currently still on earth can hardly reach these numbers and sales.

Sony also benefits from the Elvis legacy

All of this is even more astonishing when you consider that Elvis was considered a rather poor businessman during his lifetime. Only 15 percent of the company shares in the Elvis Presley empire remained with Lisa Marie Presley. Although she is the only daughter of the gifted singer and actor with a strong character, she only holds a small stake. In the meantime there are also people who are not related to the King at all but who still reap the fruits of his unmistakable talent. Sony, one of the giants in the music business, is also getting rich thanks to Elvis. This is due to the fact that Elvis simply lacked the necessary foresight as a businessman. He had already sold the rights to hundreds of songs to his record label during his lifetime. Elvis Presley brought in just 5.4 million dollars – in retrospect nothing more than a ridiculous price!

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