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Emmanuel Macron: The French President’s Fortune

How much does Emmanuel Macron earn?

Who would have thought that Emmanuel Macron, the President of France, would not even be worth half a million euros? Marine Le Pen had put her fortune at the last election at 630,000 euros. Macron, on the other hand, put his fortune in 2017 at just 330,000 euros. However, Emmanuel Macron’s wife is said to still own a country estate in Le Touquet, so that the couple certainly doesn’t have to gnaw on starvation. The politician once owned an apartment in Paris. However, he has since sold that. The former banker even no longer owns a car.

It is indeed astonishing that only such a small fortune is supposed to be left of his former income. Emmanuel Macron’s salary as French President is 15,140 euros gross per month. However, compared to Angela Merkel, he is a low earner as a politician. We currently appreciate that The president’s fortune is around 500,000 euros.

Professional career – salary as president

Income from Emmanuel Macron
Between 2009 and 2014, Macron will eventually take on his role as an investment banker at the renowned Rothschild finance company Earned 3.3 million euros gross to have. When he was named Minister of Economic Affairs, Macron still spoke of a fortune of 1.2 million euros. So what had happened since then? Because in January 2017, the politician finally stated that he had only 330,000 euros on the high edge.

So you can puzzle. While the presidential candidates disclosed all of their assets at the time, these numbers have not been independently verified. So the world must trust the sincerity of one of the most powerful men in Europe on this matter. Macron then did respond to these questions. He got alone Have to pay 1.5 million in taxes. He also invested money in a renovation. Maintaining his lifestyle would have cost him a pretty penny, too. And how much does Macron now earn per month? 15,140 euros

Waiver of pension

Macron announced before Christmas 2019 that it would waive its pension rights. The term of office runs until May 2022 and then the outgoing President would be entitled to a special pension of 6,200 euros gross / month. This announcement was made because of the ongoing strikes and protests by French citizens.

Emmanuel Macron – a life full of scandals

Emmanuel Macron has been used to doing things that go against the norm since his youth. After all, he’s with married to his former French teacher, who is 24 years older than her prominent husband. However, this has not harmed his political career. After all, Macron was able to work his way up from economics minister to president. In order to secure the political leadership of France, Macron had even founded his own party beforehand. This shows how much he was able to clean up the political landscape in his home country. Who would have thought that a former investment banker would one day stand up for their country like this?

Emmanuel Macron's fortune
His appearance in the context of his election victory in May 2017 had clearly shown that the new president would say goodbye to the old party political lines and wanted to move something new in France. Many French people still remember his incorrigible spirit of optimism for his homeland and for Europe to this day. One of the reasons his reform policy made headlines was that MPs were no longer allowed to employ relatives. The relaxation of protection against dismissal, on the other hand, is likely to be a law that many ordinary French people did not like so much. Emmanuel Macron is also highly valued in Europe, he also works very well with Angela Merkel and other European politicians. But a state president should get along well with all other presidents, this ensures world peace. In any case, Macron doesn’t make as many negative headlines as Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump or Kim Jong-un, for example. But these presidents are also particularly striking examples.

In the eyes of the opposition, Emmanuel Macron is still regarded as “President of the rich“. After all, the wealth tax was largely abolished by the new president. This should make it easier for tax evaders to return to their home country, France. However, Macron has also presented a plan to overcome widespread poverty in France. He had to. After all, there are 8.8 million people in his country who eke out their lives below the poverty line.

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