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Erika B Mayers


Rapper Erika B Mayers was born in Harlem, New York in 1987. Her parents are Adrian Mayers and Renee Black. Her father, a former drug addict, died suddenly in 2012, and the woman was left with no way to pay his debts. Asap was born on October 2, 1988, in Harlem, and was also fond of rap. Both of their parents are now deceased.

Arrest of Rapper

Rapper Travis Mayers was arrested in Sweden for a drunken altercation in 2011. The rapper uploaded a video of the incident on Instagram. The man who was charged was dropped from the case. Police say that he acted in self-defense. The incident was later reported in the New York Times. The arrest was the subject of a heated debate between the two. Asap Rocky is the most popular rap artist in the world, Mayers is a rising star.


Rakim Mayers was born in Harlem, New York. His father was a Barbadian and his mother is African-American. He has a sister named Erika B. Mayers. The Mayers siblings attended art school together, but they did not pursue higher education because of their father’s financial difficulties. Instead, Erika decided to start her own slothing clothing line. While the line did not earn much, the name stuck, and she’s now a successful musician.

Lawsuit Case

Mayers’s lawsuit filed in 2014 was unsuccessful after a judge dismissed her case. The alleged assault resulted in the wrongful conviction of a rapper. During her trial, a witness did not appear in court and the case was eventually dismissed. The woman filed a civil suit against Michael Mayers in July 2014. She claimed she had suffered injuries due to the alleged assault, but the rapper denied he had touched her and denied his actions. In the end, the two filed a settlement that settled their underlying lawsuit in April 2015.

Tour on hold

After the Stockholm concert, the pair was arrested and kept in a Kronberg remand prison until the trial concluded. She and her entourage were also detained, and the tour was put on hold until the trial was over. With the arrest, Erika B Mayers was forced to stop her tour. The arrest was unjust and her tour was put on hold. But despite her incarceration, she was awarded compensation worth over $2 million.

Misdemeanor Simple Assault

Throughout the trial, Erika B Mayers and Asap Rocky were charged with misdemeanor simple assault. However, the case was dropped because the witness had failed to attend. The woman then filed a civil suit against Michael Mayers in July 2014. The lawsuit was filed on behalf of the two sisters, who claimed they were injured during the alleged assault. Though the trial was dismissed, the lawsuit was not. Its resulting verdict was worth a total of $2 million.

Scuffle Case

The scuffle between Erika B Mayers and Asap Rocky was caught on video. In the video, Erika B Mayers is seen holding a bottle and barking at the man, who was kneeling on the ground with his face covered.The man was reportedly able to resist the attack and the resulting injury led to Mayers’ arrest. The man was arrested and subsequently convicted. Asap Rocky and Erika B Mayers settled the case in April 2015, and she is now free to continue her music career. In the case, the man subsequently smashed the bottle and hit the woman. The scuffle ended in April 2015. The woman was able to receive compensation worth more than $2 million.

Named after a HipHop Duo 

Erika B Mayers was born in Manhattan and was named after the hip hop duo Asap Rocky and MC Rakim. The duo was a highly influential group of American hip hop artists, and was regarded as the premier Dj/MC team of all time. She was named after the duo’s father, an aspiring music star from the 1980s. The name, “Asap Rocky,” means “Rakim,” which is also the last name of the rapper.

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