Ernest Harden Jr Net Worth – How Much Will He Make in 2021?

You may be wondering how much Ernest Harden Jr. has made over the years. This actor has been involved in numerous film roles, including Santa Barbara (1984), White Men Can’t Jump (1997), and Transporter 2 (2005). According to various sources, his net worth is at least $8 million. He is currently single. Listed below are some of his major credits. Read on to discover more about his career, net worth, and relationship history.

Born on November 25, 1952, Ernest Harden Jr. is an American actor and director. He has starred in various films and TV shows. His career began in 1992 with the movie ‘White Mama’. He later went on to star in other hit films such as Hollywood Homicide and Three Days of the Condor. However, his net worth is still unknown, despite the fact that he has achieved many awards and honors.

As of this writing, Harden Jr. has a net worth of $850,000. Considering that he earned an estimated salary of $245,250 last year, his earnings are projected to increase in the next few years. It’s estimated that Harden Jr. will earn another $1 million by 2020. And if you’re wondering how much money he’ll have by 2021, the answer may surprise you.