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Ernestine Campbell Net Worth – Who is Ernestine Campbell?

Born in 1939 (age 81 years, as on 2020), Ernestine Campbell is an American singer, musician and songwriter. She is best known for being the wife of musician Little Richard.

She and her husband met in 1957 and married on July 12, 1959, in California. They adopted a son, Danny Jones Penniman, when he was just a year old.

Her Husband

Ernestine Campbell was married to Little Richard, a legendary singer who was known for his sensational rock and roll music. He was one of the pioneers of the music genre, and his songs were a source of inspiration for a wide range of popular music genres.

However, despite their marriage, Richard and Campbell were separated in 1964. The reason for their separation was listed as irreconcilable differences.

She claimed that her husband was gay, but he denied this claim. She also said that he enjoyed masturbating*.

He used to masturbate* eight to nine times a day back then. He also enjoyed talking and walking like a girl.

He died on May 9, 2020, at the age of 87. He left behind a huge legacy in the music industry. His death is a major loss to the world.

Her Family

ernestine campbell was born on October 31, 1935 in the United States. She is an American singer, songwriter and musician.

She was married to Little Richard for over 4 years until their divorce in 1964. They had a happy life together, but their marriage eventually ended because of his celebrity status.

Ernestine Campbell was a very private person and kept all her personal details hidden from the public eye. She did not like being exposed to the media and has never been active on social media platforms.

According to reports, her death was a result of multiple stab wounds on her body. The stab wounds were located on the left side of her chest, penetrating the heart and lung. There were also stab wounds on the right side of her neck.

Her Personal Life

Ernestine Campbell is the former wife of famous American musician Little Richard. She and her ex-husband met back in 1957 and began dating each other. They eventually got married on July 12, 1959.

Her husband Little Richard is a singer, songwriter, and musician who had a huge impact on popular music and culture for over seven decades. He is known for his groundbreaking works in the field of rock and roll.

He died on May 9, 2020, at the age of 87. He was surrounded by his family members at the time of his death.

His total net worth was estimated to be $40 million US Dollars at the time of his death.

The musician and his first wife met at an evangelical rally and fell in love with each other. They were happily married for about 4 years but their marriage soon started crashing down.

The reason behind their divorce is still a mystery. It is believed that her husband’s celebrity status and ambiguous sexuality led to the end of their marriage.

Her Net Worth

The former wife of the famous singer and songwriter Little Richard, Ernestine Campbell has an estimated net worth of $40 million. She is a quiet and private person who keeps her personal life away from the media.

She also focuses on her husband and child. She cares for them and works on their social activities in the United States.

Although the details of her past life are not known, she came from a well-to-do Navy family. Her parents are Afro-Americans, and she grew up with her siblings.

During her childhood, she lived in different places in the United States, such as Diamond Bar, Lynchburg, and Los Angeles. She attended a prestigious institution for her college and high school studies.

She married the famous musician and songwriter Richard Wayne Penniman, aka Little Richard, in 1959. They were happy together for the initial years of their marriage, but soon their relationship started to fade out due to irreconcilable differences and Richard’s celebrity status.

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