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The Twitter account of Esskayuwunsfw has been trending for the past few days. The account has gained a huge fan base for its NSFW content and anime. It is hard to know how the account has managed to gain so much popularity so fast. But one thing is for sure, the account has a lot of potential. Read on to find out how the account has gained so much attention.

Her Passion

The latest video posted by Twitter personality Esskayuwunsfw has caused a lot of buzz. Users are curious as to who she is and what her passion for anime is. In the video, she seems to be excited. As a Anime fan, Esskayuwunsfw has over 2000 followers. Besides being an anime fan, she is also an online Twitter personality.

18+ Content

As a Twitter user, Esskayuwunsfw has thousands of followers, and his videos have also gained a huge following on Reddit. The recordings of this social media star are very mature in nature. Minors should not watch them. If they are, they should seek adult supervision. The content of these videos should be mature enough to be appropriate for their target audience. If you are under the age of 18 years, you should not watch any videos by Esskayuwunsfw.


The video of Esskayuwunsfw has over twelve thousand followers on Twitter and more than 180 videos on YouTube. The video is gaining traction and becoming newsworthy. Though the person behind the video has yet to confirm whether or not he is a real model, the video has generated a lot of reactions. Aside from her amazing body, she is a popular figure on the social media platform.

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