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Family Reimann: The gigantic fortune of the entrepreneurial family

How rich is the Reimann family?

The Reimanns are among the richest entrepreneurial families in all of Germany. Together you have a billion dollar fortune and are therefore among the richest Germans. Nevertheless, hardly anyone in this country knows the Reimann family. Because the Reimann family has nothing to do with Konny Reimann, the well-known US emigrant. Instead, the Mannheim family earned their money with cleaning products and other everyday items. For example, it holds shares in Reckit Benckiser, a well-known manufacturer of cleaning agents that can be found in many German households. Whether Veet, Calgon, Clerasil or Vanish, whoever buys the products of these brands is giving the extremely wealthy family their money indirectly. The cherished The Reimann family has assets of 17 billion euros.

Perfumes, coffee and detergents

Wealth of the Reimann family
The Reimanns also got rich with scents. You’ve been with Coty, the Fragrance division from Unilever, already purchased in 1992. Whether fragrances from Rimmel, Calvin Klein, Davidoff or Joop, these fragrance brands also wash money into the coffers of the extremely wealthy family. In the meantime, the family has also taken over the tea and coffee maker Master Blenders. For example, he manufactures products for the Senseo and Jacobs brands. The tills of the Reimann family never stop ringing.

The foundation stone for today’s family empire was laid very early on. Everything began with Ludwig Reimann in 1851 in the north of Germany in Ludwigshafen. The Reimann veteran worked as a chemist. He was lucky enough to be able to join a chemical factory for cleaning and foodstuffs. Ludwig’s grandson, Albert, has with his Water softener invention, Calgon, laid another cornerstone of success for the Reimann family.

The beginning of the wealthy Reimann family

Albert Reimann (1898 – 1984) was co-owner of the company Joh. A. Benckiser GmbH in Ludwigshafen. He joined the company in 1923 and took over management in the mid-1930s. When his father Albert Reimann sen. died in 1952, inherited Albert jun. the company Joh. A. Benckiser GmbH. With the development and purchase of brands, Albert des laid the foundation for today’s empire of the Reimann family. Albert had nine children with his wife Paula, four of whom they had adopted by Albert’s sister Else Dubbers.

In 1984, after the death of Albert Reimann, each of the children was granted the same share in the inheritance of Joh. A. Benckiser GmbH. While some children had their share paid out, only four remained in the company Joh.A. Benckiser GmbH, since 2012 JAB Holding Company s.à.rl based in Luxembourg: Renate Reimann-Haas, Wolfgang Reimann, Matthias Reimann-Andersen and Stefan Reimann-Andersen. Their joint share in JAB Holding is 90%. The remaining 10% in the company are majority owned by the three JAB senior partners Bart Becht, Peter Harf and Olivier Goudet. The Reimann family keep a low profile, they do not give any interviews and there are no public photos of the family members. In this way, the entrepreneurial family can enjoy their assets in peace.

The unstoppable triumph of the Reimann family

Income of the Reimann family
Detergents, perfume and coffee: these are all everyday things that Germans use every day. The fact that in view of the many top brands over which the Reimann family has an influence, an empire of billions must emerge, should not come as a surprise to anyone. That too Care products Kukident, with which dentures can be thoroughly cleaned, was invented by Albert Reimann. At the perfume manufacturer Coty, the Reimann family was the sole owner from 1996 to 2013. If you consider that the global cosmetics group has a good 12,000 employees in different parts of the world, the extent of the sales can also be guessed at.

After Coty went public, the Reimann family still owns over 38 percent of the shares, which have been increased to 60% since 2019. Even with the declared hair care specialist, the Wella company, the Reimanns have a hand in it. They would also have liked to take over the cosmetics manufacturer Avon and add it to their own company portfolio. However, this attempt failed in May 2012. However, the entry into the coffee business has been successful – and not only in this country. In 2012, JAB Holding acquired Peet’s Coffee & Tea, a popular US coffee house chain, for $ 1 billion. The Reimann family has also bought the Caribou Coffee Company chain for 340 million US dollars.

Participations of the JAB Holding Company s.à rl
Fortune of the Reimanns

  • 6% to Reckitt Benckiser: Calgon, Vanish, Airwick, Clearasil, Finish, Durex, Veet, Cillit Bang, Scholl, Lysol, Strepsils, Nurofen, Gaviscon …
  • 60% Coty Inc .: Clairol, Max Factor, Rimmel, Wella, Kylie Cosmetics, as well as perfumes from the brands Adidas, Astor, Balenciaga, Beyoncé, Bruno Banani, Calvin Klein, Chloé, David Beckham,, Davidoff, Enrique Iglesias, Gucci, GUESS, Hugo Boss, Jennifer Lopez, Jil Sander, Joop !, Katy Perry, Lacoste, Lancaster, Manhattan, Marc Jacobs, Miss Sporty, OPI, Philosophy, Playboy, Roberto Cavalli, Sally Hansen….
  • 51% of the coffee maker Jacobs Douwe Egberts (JDE): Café Hag, Douwe Egberts, Jacobs, L’OR, Senseo, Tassimo….
  • 87% of Keurig Green Mountain, Inc .: Manufacturer of specialty coffees, drinking chocolate, tea, other beverages and coffee machines

There are also other investments. Company shares were also often bought and later sold for a profit. For example, the American shoe manufacturer Jimmy Choo was bought in May 2011 for 576 million euros. 2014 became Jimmy Choo was listed on the London Stock Exchange and eventually sold to Michael Kors for $ 1.2 billion in 2017. JAB Holding is still involved in Panera Bread, Krispy Kreme Donuts, Peet’s Coffee, Bally, Espresso House, Einstein Bros Bagels and many more, among others. With their gigantic fortunes, the Reimann family is one of the richest people in the world.

The fact that the Reimann family is still far from having enough is also shown by their company holdings. The family entered the fast food business with the US donut chain Krispy Kreme. The family’s portfolio even includes luxury leather goods. The family’s corporate and brand portfolio is therefore subject to constant change. However, you can be sure that the The Reimann family will continue to make those decisions in the future that will allow their wealth to grow noticeably.

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