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Farid Bang’s fortune – loudmouth or big earner?

How much money does Farid Bang have?

Farid Bang net worth
Farid Bang did not grow up in the best of circumstances. But he has made something of himself and now owns one estimated fortune of 6 million euros. He was born in Melilla, a Spanish exclave on North African soil. However, he grew up in Torremolinos in the province of Málaga, in the south of Spain. When he was eight years old, his father was arrested and sent to prison. Thereupon his mother moved with him to Germany. He went to school in Düsseldorf and graduated from secondary school.

Still, he threatened the Crime swamp to be drawn and collected community hours as well as many advertisements. But then he got to know Eko Fresh and was signed on its label German Dream. From this point on, Farid focused on the rap career and worked on his skills. He was first known primarily for his verbal all-round attacks against the rapeseed scene. You have to believe that he combined them with funny puns and good technique. In this way he managed to become more and more popular and to build other pillars.

This is how Farid Bang’s fortune is composed

German hip hop is becoming increasingly popular – especially among teenagers and young adults. One of the most famous German rappers is probably Farid Bang, who always attracts attention with his big mouth and explicit statements. But in addition to his escapades, the German-Moroccan is a capable businessman. In addition to his rap career, he runs a music label, plays in films and owns a shisha bar. In a video blog in May 2016, buddy and MMA fighter Omar Azaitar stated that Farid has over 5 million euros in his account.

1 Income from rap career

Farid Bang has already released nine albums since 2008. While his debut album “Asphalt Massaka” failed to enter the German album charts, things have steadily increased since then. The collab album “Jung, brutal, gutaussehend” from 2009 with Kollegah got him more attention. Farid Bang knew how to use this perfectly for himself. The following albums were released in collaboration with major labels and were able to keep improving in terms of chart performance. With the second part of “Young, brutal, good-looking” it was then possible to reach the top of the chart for the first time. In the following year, 2014, the album “Killa” was released, with which Farid was the first time as a solo artist Celebrating number 1 success could. It was released on its own label, Banger Musik. The following album “Asphalt Massaka 3” also reached the top position in the German album charts, with the last album “Blut” he had to be satisfied with second place.

With the collaboration album “Jung, brutal, gutaussehend 3”, which was published by BMG (Bertelsmann Group) in December 2017, Farid was able to celebrate a mega-success with Kollegah. According to the Bild Zeitung, BMG was able to turn over more than 4 million euros only from sales. Streaming income is not included here. BMG receives 40 percent directly and is said to have paid the two artists a seven-figure sum for the rights. In addition, the two rappers collect a direct 15% of sales proceeds.

2 Income from banger music

Farid generates a large part of his income through his label Banger Musik. There are five artists under contract in addition to Bang himself. The first signings were from Duisburg in 2012 Majoe & Jaskowhose “takeover EP” was the first release on the label. After the collaboration album “Majoe vs Jasko” came some solo releases of the two. Majoe in particular was able to establish himself as a solo artist and has already sold over 100,000 records.

2013 followed KC Rebell as an artist who has since released five albums through the label. The album “Fata Morgana” went gold, in total KC Rebell was able to sell over 200,000 CD’s through Banger Musik. 2014 came Summer Cem to the music label that has so far released two albums on Banger Musik. So far he has been able to sell around 100,000 CD’s. In 2016 he finally signed 18Karat, who released his first album “Pusha” on the label in 2017 and released further albums in 2018 with “Geld Gold Gras” + 2019 “Je m’appelle Kriminell”.

Overall, the sales figures at Banger Musik are more than impressive. In the last few years they have repeatedly been able to reach the top of the chart. There a Label around a third of the retail price of a release, Farid Bang was able to earn one or two euros through his label.

3 Revenue from film roles

In 2013 Farid played in Film “Fack ju Göhte” with, there he appeared in a supporting role as Paco. In the sequels “Fack ju Göhte 2” and 3 he took over this role again. The first part was the most successful German film of 2013. It ranks fifth among the most successful German films in the Federal Republic since 1968. Farid Bang has not appeared as an actor since these three films, but is likely to have numerous lucrative offers.

4th Income from the shisha bar

It became official Participation in the “Qdex” shisha bar never confirmed in Düsseldorf. However, this has been permanently advertised since it was founded in May 2016. Farid Bang often posts pictures from the bar and is often marked on their side. In addition, the location was also used for video shoots by the artist.

Beef with other rappers

Farid Bang has been for since the beginning of his career known his big mouth. He made his first steps in rap at the side of Eko Fresh. He also actively supported him in beef with Kool Savas and his label Optik Records. In the meantime, however, the parties have made up their minds. Farid Bang has also been at war with Sido for years. This dispute arose mainly from Farid’s friend Kollegah. On the song “Westdeutschlands Kings” Sido was dissed by Kollegah and Farid could also be heard on the track. Then a dispute arose that continues to this day and numerous disses were exchanged.

Farid has probably had the longest and most intense argument with Fler from Berlin. This also began with the song “West Germany’s Kings”. However, this dispute did not remain purely musical. Farid Bang, Kollegah and Majoe rang the doorbell at Flers front door and stormed the concert by his artist Silla. Farid also joked several times about Fler’s girlfriend. Fler announced Revenge for these actions gain weight. For some time, however, it has been quiet between the two fighters. In addition, Farid Bang repeatedly teased MOK, Franky Kubrick and Nicone.

Photo: Selfmade Records [CC-BY-SA-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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