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Felix Jaehn: The fortune of the DJ and music producer

How much money does Felix Jaehn have?

Felix Jaehn, whose last name is actually written “Jähn”, made a considerable fortune at a young age. The international career ambitions of the music producer and DJ probably led to the fact that he changed the spelling of his surname. After all, the letter “Ä” is rarely used abroad. Musically, the native of Hamburg is mainly active in the areas of tropical and deep house. The cherished Felix Jaehn’s fortune is 3 million euros.

Felix Jaehn – a small star among the top DJs

Felix Jaehn's income
The smart Felix, who publicly acknowledged his bisexuality in the past, did not grow up in the city of his birth, by the way. Rather, he was raised near Boltenhagen in the state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. His mother works in the tourism sector. Her son discovered her love for music at an early age. Little Felix took his first violin lessons at the age of just 6 years. With his Felicious Beats DJ project he was able to take off at the age of 16. Even then, he was booked for his first appearances, where one of his brothers was by his side. Nevertheless, Felix Jaehn did his Abitur at the Ernst-Barlach-Gymnasium in Schönberg.

At 17, the young high school graduate went to the British capital for a year London, where he attended Point Blank Music School. While he had largely self-taught himself as a self-taught DJ, he was able to greatly expand his skills as a music producer during his stay in London. This was followed by a move to Berlin, where Jaehn enrolled at the Humboldt University for business administration. Incidentally, the DJ and music producer has two brothers.

About the musical career of the northern lights

Felix Jaehn had his first worldwide hit towards the end of 2014 and the beginning of 2015. His remix of “cheerleader“, A song by Omi, a Jamaican rapper, immediately increased its international fame. His deep house remix of the original reggae song was able to secure comparatively high chart positions in the following countries:

Merit of Felix Jaehn

  • Australia
  • Belgium
  • Denmark
  • Germany
  • France
  • Netherlands
  • Austria
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

Felix also made it into the top 10 of the German music charts in September 2015. He succeeded in doing this together with the singer Polina. Together the two artists had the title “Book of Love” produced. The music project by Mark Forster and Felix Jaehn started at the end of 2015. The musicians were able to conquer the pole position in the German charts with their first single “Voice”.

In January 2016, Felix released his first mini-album. Only a few months later he was allowed to work with a real music legend, Herbert Grönemeyer. The up-and-coming artist received the Bambi in November 2016. He received this award in the “Entertainment” category. His first studio album was released in 2018. In Germany, the music producer and DJ made it to 5th place in the chart. In Austria and Switzerland, however, it was only enough for number 26 in the charts. If Felix Jaehn is not yet to be found among the richest DJs, it can still be. Felix is ​​young and talented, there is still a lot ahead of him. Maybe he’ll be as successful as Calvin Harris or Tiësto. Nevertheless, all music fans can be curious, which cool tracks Felix Jaehn will publish together with other well-known artists in the future.

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