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Flavio Insinna: age, illness, private life, girlfriend, father, career, Instagram

Flavio Insinna he is a television personality loved and appreciated by the general public, a successful host and a likeable showman, he has an exceptional career. Let’s get to know him better.

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Who is Flavio Insinna?

As a child he had the dream of becoming a carabiniere but, after trying a career in the Carabinieri, he decided to change his path also because he was attracted to the world of acting and entertainment. His teacher was the great Gigi Proietti, under whose direction and guidance he graduated in 1990 to his Scenic exercises laboratory, in Rome.

Flavio Insinna at the beginning of his career / Photo: Wikipedia

He began his career between theater and television, showing a good talent and a lot of sympathy, to the point of soon becoming the darling of the general public.


Flavio Insinna is 56 years old: he was born in Rome on July 3, 1965, under the astrological sign of Cancer.


The famous conductor de Lunch is served he never made any secret of having suffered in the past from a form of depression that was acute enough, to the point of making him suffer a lot:

I was depressed, my father had me treated and some I got out and some I didn’t. There are those who say that if you have a scratch in your soul, you are either a psychoanalyst or an actor. Today I certainly love myself more and I have learned to smile always even without a real reason to be happy.

This is what Insinna told during an interview with Daria Bignardi, emphasizing how subtle, unrecognizable depression can be. The showman was only able to get out of it thanks to the intervention and support of his dad.

Flavio Insinna at the funeral of his colleague and friend Fabrizio Frizzi in March 2018 in Rome / Photo: Kronic

Private life of Flavio Insinna

While he does not like to advertise what he does in private life, his good heart is known about the showman. In fact the conductor is a volunteer of Emercency, an association where it is active in 2021 in the delivery of parcels to people affected by the economic crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Flavio Insinna volunteer of Emercency / Photo: Terzo Binario News

It is not the first solidarity action put in place by the TV presenter, in 2016 he donated his boat Roxana at the service of Doctors Without Borders. The 14.80-meter naval vessel was used to support rescue and assistance activities at sea for migrants from Africa. In 2015 the showman’s boat was used in the Aegean Sea to rescue Syrian refugees. In 2017, when that route became impracticable, the association returned the boat to the showman who sold it but donating the proceeds to the Sant’Egidio community, always in support of Syrian migrants.

Insinna and the boat Roxana donated to Doctors Without Borders / Photo: IoLeggo


Flavio Insinna is happily engaged to a former competitor of Your business. Her name is Adriana Riccio and in the program conducted by Insinna she won 36 thousand euros, as a representative of Veneto.

Flavio Insinna with Adriana Riccio, the then competitor of Your business / Photo: Libero Quotidiano

At the time they weren’t together yet and they kept their relationship a secret for two years, only coming out in 2018. The TV host’s partner wants to keep her private life away from show business, so she appears little in public. She is 43 years old and an athlete from Boxing and of Taekwon Do, disciplines of which she is also an instructor.

Adriana Riccio Flavio Insinna

Flavio Insinna with his girlfriend Adriana Riccio

Flavio Insinna’s father

Insinna is the name of the conductor’s father Lunch is served. With his parent, a Sicilian doctor doc, in the past Flavio had some conflicts, especially related to not accepting his dreams of entering the world of entertainment. The parent probably saw him more as a future doctor, just like him. In an interview with Caterina Balivo, on the Rai 2 program come to me, the showman told of the relationships with his father in his adolescence and when he was a boy, revealing his reaction when he said at home that he wanted to be a DJ: father Salvatore closed himself in his studio crying for a son he wanted to become chest of drawers.

In any case, Falvio Insinna, while acknowledging that he did not get along very well with his father in the past, knows that he owes him a lot. It was in fact the showman himself who confessed that his father, being a doctor, immediately realized the onset of depression:

Dad saved me from a doctor. At a certain point he got stuck and had me treated because there is no need to be ashamed. I had a time when I didn’t want to be helped. Then my father, who was made of marble, waited and then at a certain point he let the doctor out and said: that’s it!

A grave mourning for Flavio Insinna

Unfortunately the father of the conductor de The legacy died some time ago. He was very resentful of his disappearance, to the point of fear of a relapse. Insinna again came out of the difficult situation outside thanks to divine help, as told by himself:

When my father died I lay on the floor looking up at the ceiling for weeks, disheveled and put on weight. The pain remains, but faith helped me.


A solid career that began on the theatrical stage, with increasingly important roles. Then he landed on television as actors of very successful TV series and fiction: from Don Matteo to the Police District, to Don Bosco, in a succession of always successful interpretations. The cinema also welcomed the arrival of Flavio Insinna with good success, with important films, including the last 4 films in which he starred:

Here is Flavio Insinna in Don Matteo: Photo: Youtube


  • Former – directed by Fausto Brizzi (2009)
  • Crazy about me – directed by Fausto Brizzi (2013)
  • White like milk, red like blood – directed by Giacomo Campiotti (2013)
  • Professor Cinderella – regy by Leonardo Pieraccioni (2015)
  • If you love me – directed by Fausto Brizzi (2019)

Absolute success

The success, great and incredible, however, arrives for Flavio Insinna in 2006, with the management of Your business, cult broadcast of Rai 1. Con The legacy Insinna graduated as a full-fledged showman, showing talent and verve as a good entertainer. The last broadcast of June 2021 of Rai 1, Lunch is served, still heralds the confirmation of a presenter with a capital P.


Flavio Insinna’s official Instagram page has about 130,000 followers. If you don’t want to miss any news about the presenter, click HERE.

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