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frank bollok net worth

Frank Bollok is a TV personality who works as the Showroom Manager at Bob’s Discount Furniture. He lives with his wife and son in Nanuet, New York. He has an estimated net worth of six million dollars. His source of wealth is diverse and includes investments and real estate. His earnings are based on a combination of his business and personal interests. Here is a look at his net worth and his personal life.

Frank Bollok is the ex-husband of television actress Darcel Silva. He has several jobs in the entertainment industry, including sales management at Douglas Elliman companies and Twilight Lodge. He was born in the United States in 1976. He is 46 years old as of 2021. He stands five feet, eleven inches tall and weighs 165.3 pounds. He has three children with Kristell Mapelli. His first wife, Darcey Silva, gave birth to him. The couple has two daughters together.

Frank Bollok net worth is around $500K. His salary as a real estate agent earns him money. His wife, Darcey Silva, has two daughters, Aniko and Aspen, who are famous online. His wife is known for her social media presence. After the divorce, Frank has married Kristell Mapelli. His children from his previous marriage are now well known and have a large following on social media.

His wife, Darcey Silva, has three children. The two are divorced and have no relationship. He is currently single. He has two daughters with his wife Kristell Mapelli. Previously, he was married to Darcey Silva. His daughter has a son with her first wife, Jessica Bollok. The two are not having an affair. Their children are two daughters who were born after he divorced his first wife.

His current wife, Kristell Bollok, is close with his stepdaughters. She frequently posts photos of the children on her social media accounts. During his first marriage, Bollok had two children: Mark and Atilla. The younger brother, Mark, attended Bellevue Hospital Day Center School. He later went on to work at Berrywild restaurant. The younger sister, Atilla, studied at the International Culinary Center. She is married to Liron Kohen. The youngest of the four siblings, Atilla, is not on any social media platforms.

Bollok has a decent net worth despite being a public figure. He has been a successful businessman for a long time, gaining success with his rap and real estate careers. His wife, Kristell, and his stepdaughter’s are close to him, and she frequently posts pictures of them on her social media pages. Besides his acting career, Frank also earns as a real estate agent.

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