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Who is Fulminacci: Biography, Age, Career, Santa Marinella and Instagram

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Who is Fulminacci: Biography, Age, Career, Santa Marinella and Instagram

Lightning, to the registry office Filippo Uttinacci, it’s a 23-year-old singer-songwriter from Rome, winner in 2019 of the Targa Tenco as best first film and of the MEI Award as young person of the year. He participated in the Sanremo Festival 2021, category Big, with the piece entitled “Santa Marinella“. He finished in sixteenth position in the final classification of the Festival. Duet with Baltimora (Edoardo Spinsante) on the stage of X Factor 2021 on the occasion of the semifinal of the program.

Who is Fulminacci?

  • Filippo Uttinacci
  • Art Name: Lightning
  • Zodiac sign: Virgin
  • Age: 23 years
  • Date of birth: September 12, 1997
  • Birth place: Rome
  • Profession: songwriter
  • Height: unavailable
  • Weight: unavailable
  • Tattoos: unavailable
  • Official Instagram Profile: @fulminacci
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Filippo Uttinacci, was born on 12 September 1997 a Rome. Before trying his hand at songwriting, at the age of 18, he took part in how actor in the short film “Let me speak” by Luca Iaconella and in the video clip “In my mind” for the “Immaturi” series of Canale 5.

He starts writing his songs at the age of 16, but declares:

“Are all things that I will never publish those. The pieces that are contained in the album I started writing them around 18, 19 years old ”.

His debut album Life really it is, in fact, published in 2019 and is immediately followed by a national tour. The disc is inserted among the fifteen best albums of the same year according to the newspaper the Republic. His notoriety grows quickly and Fulminacci brings home, again in 2019, the Tenco plate for best first feature and the MEI Award as best emerging of the year. The Roman singer-songwriter has recently launched his new single Your personal thing which together with Kangaroo, anticipate the release of his second album scheduled for 2021.

Introduce the song Santa Marinella to the Sanremo Festival 2021, participating in the competition between the Big.

Fulminacci Biography Photo Singer


Lightning he made his debut as a songwriter in 2019. In January he released the single Borghese in civilian clothes, followed in February by Life really, which anticipate the release of the homonymous album, which takes place in April of the same year. Produced by Federico Nardelli and Giordano Colombo for the label Maciste Dischi (the same as Gazelle), Life really, is immediately followed by a national tour, which includes participation in the concert on May 1st in Piazza San Giovanni in Rome, and at the Biografilm in Bologna in June. On June 26, 2019 he publishes the video of the song Resistence and takes part in the MIND Festival, the Goa-Boa Festival and the Flowers Festival of Turin, the latter together with The List Representative And Francesco Motta.

On 3 September the videoclip of Thomas and participates in the Poplar Festival together with Franco126 And Giorgio Then.

In October 2019 he participates in the TV show Hyenas; the following month he releases the single The wheels, the engines! participating in the television program Long live RaiPlay!. On this occasion Fiorello, presenting Lightning on stage, he will say:

“Amadeus, this is good, you could say you launched it!”

urging the colleague to consider the singer-songwriter as a candidate to participate in the Sanremo Festival.

2019 ends with the winning of the award Rockol Awards 2019 as Artist of the Year, and the release of a vinyl reissue of Life really, in which the unreleased single is included Saint John.

In 2020 other awards and recognitions arrive, in March he publishes on You Tube the song demo The end of the war, written during the lockdown in full COVID-19 pandemic, and the same month the song comes out As long as the sky exists, in collaboration with Mox.

In December 2021 the singles are released A completely personal and Kangaroo, produced by Frenetik & Orang3, which anticipates the release of the new album, scheduled for 2021. About these two singles that differ in sound from what he had heard up to that moment Fulminacci said:

Kangaroo I wrote and arranged it in little more than a day, while Your personal thing it is the result of a long reflection that in reality will never end.

At the end of February 2021, Fulminacci announces the release of his new album: will be released on 12 March 2021 Best wishes, which includes the piece that the artist will bring to Sanremo, Santa Marinella.

Fulminacci Album

Private life

Little is known about the private life of the Roman singer-songwriter, who particularly cares about his privacy and leaves social media with very little transparency about his life, but ample space for his interests and his work.

Indie in its own way, Lightning, tries to return to a way of expressing himself that somehow recalls more the nineties that the news, and following this rule he has been careful not to leak rumors about his private life.

He recently published a post on Instagram in which he expresses his thoughts a little, also talking about his next participation in the Sanremo Festival. Writes the artist

They say I’m young, they say I look old. I still haven’t figured out which of the two is the compliment and why. Two years ago I wrote Santa Marinella and nobody knows it yet. I’m really happy because I’m doing what I like.


With 68 thousand followers, Fulminacci’s Instagram profile is super active and he personally is keen to respond to his fans. You will not find photos of friends or alleged girlfriends, just his numerous ones interests and everything that revolves around his musical career, as well as a series of photos in which he shows off a refined and very personal style. The post that sees the announcement of the release of his latest single is from 4 December 2020 Your personal thing.

Lightning Insta

Sanremo 2021

Lightning participated in the Sanremo 2021 Festival, in the Big category. He brought the song Santa Marinella. The song Santa Marinella di Fulminacci speaks of a love story and was inspired by Filippo from a story that a friend of his told him. The song was written two years ago. In the evening dedicated to duets and covers of Sanremo 2021, Fulminacci sings “I think positively” by Jovanotti. He performs in duet with Valerio Lundini and the Sicilian musician Roy Paci (a great friend of Diodato).

The Roman artist did is classified in sixteenth position in the final classification of the Festival.

Text Santa Marinella

You know today is one of those days that
If you want me leave me alone
And there is no one around that
Inside me know how to look

And Rome, which is a seaside city,
He opened my mouth and made me smoke
There is nothing left to fall in love with forever
So it’s worth staying

So hug me from behind tonight
Let me straighten the hairs on my skin
Let’s take an excuse under the house
And then let’s take it up

I just want to get moron and get hurt
Intercom and then escape
I want you to look at me and then you tell me everything is fine tomorrow
How much do you want for all of this?

Never look for me but let’s meet
Sooner or later without wanting to
To the spirits department
What are you doing? I warm the winter

My city is a nativity scene in the middle of the mountains
White and stubborn like old bitches
I really can’t go back just to say hello
To make sure no one is crying

Please pick my head up
As if it were the last one left
I noticed it in Santa Marinella
You and I are a planet and a star

I just want to get moron and get hurt
Intercom and then escape
I want you to look at me and then you tell me everything is fine tomorrow
How much do you want for all of this?
Don’t fly away
Na na na

I want you to look at me and then you tell me everything is fine tomorrow
How much do you want for all of this?
Don’t fly away

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  • The name Lightning derives from the assonance of the artist’s name and surname. Only later did he discover that it is a very present exclamation in vintage comics, like the old ones Arm wrestling… But it was a coincidence;
  • His first models were the Beatles, and believe that Paul McCartney be the perfect man;
  • Although he is Roman he does not speak in dialect… it is simply not customary in his house;
  • He started playing guitar at age 6 after seeing School of Rock… admits that in the early days he has hated the instrument.
  • He loves cinema and all kinds of films… except fantasy!
  • one of his big fans is Aurora Leone dei The Jackal.

Video by Fulminacci


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