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Fynn Kliemann: Fortune and earnings of the DIY king

How much money does Fynn Kliemann have?

Fynn Kliemann has made a name for himself as a craftsman’s ring, but is now a media jack-of-all-trades. For example, he has published a book and two music albums, tried his hand at acting, published a documentary film and bought a houseboat that he refurbished for a documentary series. In addition, he still works as a media designer in the company he founded in 2011. The cherished Fynn Kliemann’s net worth is € 2 million.

Fynn Kliemann’s sources of income

Income from Fynn Kliemann
Fynn Kliemann earns money with his diverse activities. Among other things, his YouTube channel Kliemannsland brings him income due to the advertising that is placed, which further increases his fortune. From April 2016 to July 2020, Kliemannsland was part of the public service funk. Therefore, the video formats of the project were co-produced and financed by the NDR. The YouTuber operates a total of three YouTube channels: Fynn Kliemann, Kliemannsland and Fynn Kliemann music. With that he comes up with one monthly YouTube earnings of around 10,000 euros.

Kliemann has been running the Oderso label since 2016, through which he sells fairly manufactured items of clothing. In addition, he has his 2017 book Öv Aeöv Eueij: Almost 21 stupid novels in large font and his two music albums never and pop brings further income that increases his wealth. His music albums have each sold at least 100,000 times. For his documentary film released in 2020 100,000 – Everything I never wanted and the Netflix documentary series published in 2021 The houseboat he was also well rewarded. In addition, Kliemann is also an entrepreneur, he is the managing director of a media agency and has a stake in various companies and real estate. With his diverse sources of income, Fynn Kliemann has built up many solid pillars that allow his fortune to grow further.

From media designer to home improvement

After graduating from school, Fynn Kliemann completed an apprenticeship as a media designer in Bremen between 2008 and 2010. In 2011 he founded the media agency Herrlich Media with Florian Bottmann, where he works as managing director and media designer. In mid-2015, he also began to regularly publish videos on his YouTube channel, which he opened in August 2009. When self-proclaimed “home improvement ring”, he shows both normal activities such as building a wall and unusual projects such as the manufacture of a baseball throwing machine. His videos quickly became popular because of his humor and frequent mishaps. The number of his YouTube subscribers increased rapidly and with it his YouTube earnings.

Fynn Kliemann, the King of Kliemannsland

Merit of Fynn Kliemann
In 2016, Kliemann and a friend bought a farm in Rüspel, Lower Saxony, which they called Kliemannsland. According to Kliemann, this is the “first, best and freest interactive state in the world”. You can become a citizen of the fictional monarchy by having a citizenship card issued. Among other things, you can then use the Fynnder platform to propose or vote on projects that will be implemented on the farm next. Appear regularly on the YouTube channel Kliemannsland new videos with home improvement activities, but also other actions.

Musicians and actors

In June 2018, Kliemann, who has been making music since his youth, released his first single tomorrow. It was the harbinger of his debut album never, which was launched in September 2018. It rose to number 8 in the charts in Germany and was awarded a gold record for more than 100,000 units sold. the successor pop appeared in May 2000 and even reached the top of the German sales list and also received a gold record.

Fynn Kliemann is also occasionally active as an actor. So he played a role in the film in 2017 Bibi & Tina: Total chaos. Should be in May 2020 Documentary film 100,000 – Everything I never wanted come to German cinemas for a day. However, the corona pandemic thwarted this plan, which is why the film could be viewed online for a fee for 24 hours in April 2020 and has been on the Joyn platform since May 2020.

The houseboat with Fynn Kliemann on Netflix

In 2018, Kliemann and the musician Olli Schulz bought the houseboat for 20,000 euros on which the country singer Gunter Gabriel had lived until his death in June 2017. The plan was to make the boat a meeting point for creatives and a venue. However, it soon turned out that it had to be completely renewed. The renovation took around two years and, according to Kliemann and Schulz, cost around 500,000 euros. Meanwhile, Kliemann, Schulz and their helpers were accompanied by a camera team. This is how the four-part documentary series The houseboat, which appeared on Netflix in March 2021.

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