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Game of Games: how does Simona Ventura’s program work? Cast, channel, how many bets, games

Simona Ventura comes back in prime time with the new program Game of Games – Loco Game: let’s find out how it works and all the useful details to follow it!

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Game of Games: when does Simona Ventura’s program start? Date

Game of Games – Loco Game, program conducted by Simona Ventura, will debut Wednesday 31 March.

What channel will Simona Ventura’s program be broadcast on?

The new game show by Simona Ventura will air in prime time on Rai Due!

Game of Games by Simona Ventura: how does it work?

But how does the new Siomona Ventura program work? The format from Game of Games is a hit in America since 2017, based on fun and great visual impact. Each episode will be featured 6 competitors VIP and as many competitors NIP ready to challenge each other in spectacular games.

The study of Game of Games is thought of as a great one Luna Park. Simona Ventura will guide the crazy challenges and will gradually explain how the different games and steps work. The public, in fact, will see real stage machines in action, in which the competitors will have to try their hand and “survive the game”.

Finished the first six rounds of preliminary games a direct elimination, the surviving winners advance to the semifinal. The winner will be only one, but he will have to overcome the dreaded final challenge against time!

New Simona Ventura program: The explanation of all the games

Below is the explanation of all the games that will characterize all the episodes of the Simona Ventura program and that the competitors will have to overcome! Source

Game of Games: The time of apples

Two VIPs are tied to each other with an elastic cord and, with slippers on their feet, they must try to collect as many apples as possible using only their teeth. Whoever gets five first wins.

Game of Games: The dangerous word

Two teams (each made up of a PIN and a VIP) must guess the winning word without saying the “dangerous” one. One competitor gives clues, while the other tries to guess. Whoever utters the word dangerous is hit by a slimy substance. Otherwise, in case of victory, the opponent is hit.

Game of Games: Round quiz

Two VIPs, chosen by the competitors in the competition, are seated on reclining armchairs, placed on a rotating platform. The goal is to catch a ball: every time that happens, the VIP has the chance to answer a question (which is worth one point).

Game of Games: Fly fly

Two “harnessed” VIPs must name things that belong to the category expressed by the conductor. Whenever the competitor fails to say a new word, or mentions one already said previously, he receives a “strike”, that is, he is lifted from his chair by the harness. After three strikes, the contestant is eliminated and lifted to the ceiling.

Game of Games: The toilet flush

Two VIPs have to answer a question, but only the competitor who manages to grab a bottle of water before the opponent can answer. If the answer is correct, the VIP can pull the handle of an umbrella in the studio: seven will contain a load of water, one a load of glitter confetti.

Game of Games: The puzzle

Two VIPs have to complete a photo puzzle. The first who finishes wins, while the other is ‘thrown’ into the air in the studio through a harness.
In the mouth of the monster: the VIPs, in turn, will have to stand inside the big mouth of the so-called “one-eyed monster”. Who, answering the questions, will be able to extract the “mysterious tooth” will be injured by the mouth.

Game of Games: Youtuba

Two VIPs take turns answering questions. Whoever makes a mistake and presses the “mysterious button” will be smeared with foam and will lose the challenge.

Game of Games: The pyramid

Two teams (consisting of a NIP and a VIP) must climb to the top of a pyramid and press a button in order to answer a question. To get there, however, the path will be full of a slippery substance that will put the competitors in crisis.

Game of Games: Ocio falling

VIPs hang from the ceiling over their heads. From there, they will have to answer a few questions from the host. At the same time, the PIN that has chosen them must bet on how many correct answers their VIP will be able to give. If the VIP fails the challenge, he receives a “strike” and is dropped. After three strikes, the team loses and the VIP is dropped into a vat full of slime.

Game of Games: The musical chair

The quarter-final game consists of two rounds. The first sees the six NIPs who qualified from the group stage. Blindfolded, they have to dance on a dance floor, but when the music ends their purpose is to sit in a chair. The first who manage to sit down go to the semifinal. The second heat, on the other hand, sees the six VIPs in the race: the mechanism will be the same as in the first heat.

Game of Games: The semifinal

The final game is called The trap door: This gives you access to the final game. NIP competitors are positioned atop a platform 9 meters above the ground. The host asks each of them a question. If he knows the answer, the competitor can answer another question. If he doesn’t know, he loses and falls down the trap door. Contestants respond until there is only one person left. If the winner of The Hatch is a VIP, only the NIP who has chosen him can access the grand final.
The final game

Game of Games: The final

The game of games is the final game, and takes place in three rounds. The finalist PIN is seated at the button station. Each heat is made up of 30 seconds: the aim is to guess the name of the photos you see. Each heat will have a different category of photos: sportsmen, celebrities, 80s singers, etc. When it does not recognize the photo, the finalist can decide to go to the next photo. Before the third heat, the competitor can decide whether to “settle” for the prize money set up to that moment or try to increase it.

Cast: who are the 6 VIP contestants of the first episode?

The six VIP contestants who will be part of the cast of the first episode of the program Game of Games – Loco Game I am:

  • Raffaella Fico
  • Max Giusti
  • Elettra Lamborghini
  • Ignazio Moser
  • Massimiliano Rosolino
  • Nicola Ventola

Game of Games: How many bets are there? When does it end?

The Rai press office has already revealed the other groups of competitors VIP which will be part of the cast of the next episodes of Simona Ventura’s program. Based on the number of protagonists (five groups of six) we can deduce that a total of five episodes are planned for this first edition!

The last episode, therefore, should coincide with the fifth episode broadcast on April 28!

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