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Gena Tew Net Worth – How Much is Gena Tew Worth?

Gena Tew is a model and social media influencer who has amassed over 401 thousand followers on TikTok. She frequently shares videos and photos of herself, fashion, song covers, and more.

She has a large fan base and has been sharing updates about her AIDS diagnosis on her social media handles.


Gena Tew is a fashion model and social media influencer who posts amazing video content on her official accounts. She has a large fanbase on TikTok and Instagram.

In March 2022, she shared a video on her TikTok account revealing that she has been diagnosed with AIDS. She said that she was unsure of how she contracted the disease and it was affecting her health negatively.

According to her physicians, she had been infected with AIDS for eight to nine years. It had deteriorated her health significantly and she weighed 65 pounds at the time of her diagnosis.

Thankfully, her doctors have discovered new medical treatments that can help her get better again. She also stated that her weight has increased to 92 pounds (41 kgs).

Gena Tew is a fashion model, Instagram star, and social media influencer who posts amazing videos on her eponymous TikTok and Instagram accounts. She has a huge fanbase on these platforms and her content is often positive and uplifting.


Gena Tew is an American model, social media star, and TikToker who has amassed a large following of fans on the social networking sites Instagram and TikTok. Her content is known for its positivity, relatability, and uplifting messages.

Her videos have been watched millions of times. She is also a popular body positive advocate and regularly hosts workshops on self-love and body image.

She has a strong sense of self-worth and believes that everyone should feel comfortable in their own skin no matter their size or shape. As a result, her online presence has made her an influential figure around the world.

She is a proud American citizen and frequently uses her platform to promote patriotic values and American culture. She has a large following of fans across the globe, and her positive messages encourage people to follow their dreams and be the best versions of themselves.


Gena Tew is a social media influencer and content creator who has amassed a large following on platforms such as TikTok and Instagram. She is known for posting funny videos and sharing her life experiences with her fans.

The social media personality is a proud American who frequently uses her platform to promote American culture and values. Her positive and relatable messages have earned her the respect of people from around the world.

She is a fashion and modeling blogger who posts captivating videos and pictures on her eponymous account. She has amassed over 401k followers on TikTok and nearly 20k followers on Instagram.

She began her career as a social media influencer while in college. She started posting funny videos and sharing her life experiences, which soon went viral and led to a successful career as a content creator.


Gena Tew is an American social media star who has a large following on TikTok and Instagram. She uses her platform to promote positivity and inclusivity.

She has a loyal following of fans from across the globe, who admire her talent and commitment to social justice. She has also been featured on a number of platforms for her entrepreneurial spirit and success as a content creator.

As a result, her net worth is estimated to be $5 million. She makes her money by posting fashion, song covers, and selfie photographs/videos on her eponymous account.

However, her health status has deteriorated in recent years. She was diagnosed with AIDS in March 2022 and has been sharing updates about her health condition on her social media accounts.

The model recently shared an update on her health status, revealing that she had gone completely blind in one eye after a failed surgery. She shared a video of herself describing her situation to her followers and letting them know that she is still fighting for her life.

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