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George Lucas – The Star Wars Creator’s Incredible Fortune

How rich is George Lucas?

“May the force be with you”. One of the most famous movie quotes ever. The power is definitely with him, George Lucas, who did it despite various setbacks on one estimated assets of around 5.86 billion euros brought. Forbes magazine has him on its list of the highest paid celebrities and, of course, under the list of billionaires.

Imaginative, innovative and revolutionary are just a few of the many adjectives that can be used to describe the successful American director, film producer and screenwriter. With his visions and the companies he founded Lucasfilm, LucasArts, Industrial Light & Magic and THX, he created masterpieces and carried off generations into distant galaxies. His announcement of his well-deserved retirement shocked the fan base and it took place in 2012 Sale of Lucasfilm Ltd. to the Walt Disney Company sealed this plan. The proceeds from this business amounted to an impressive 3.6 billion euros.

Film Achievements: From Star Wars to Indiana Jones

George Lucas income
Of course, Star Wars is not the only film from the brilliant master of his craft. George Lucas’ filmography is long and with the rock’n’roll-themed “American Graffiti”, “Captain EO”, “Willow”, “Indiana Jones”, “Red Tails” and “Strange Magic” are just a few examples of his Called works.

In addition to movies, many television films and series are also due to the reluctant filmmaker. These include the “Ewoks” series and the successful “Indiana Jones” series with Harrison Ford, which earned him twelve Emmys as well as other awards.

What few people know: George Lucas was not only active behind the camera, he was also in front of the camera as a supporting actor from time to time. For example in “The Empire Strikes Back”, “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom”, “Hook”, “Beverly Hills Cop III” and “Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith”.


It was not uncommon for the successful but introverted George Lucas to dress up to collect an award for his productions. For him, who is so reluctant to give speeches, a very bittersweet task. Awards such as the Evening Standard British Film Award, the Empire Award and many more are evidence of his success. His nominations for the Golden Raspberry Award in several categories show that even a George Lucas is wrong.

But even this “negative award” couldn’t stop him and so he received an award for his life’s work in 2005, he was inducted into the Science Fiction Hall of Fame in 2006 and in 2013 he received the National Medal of Arts from US President Obama . And that was far from over: since 2014 he has been an honorary member of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers and in 2015 he was named a Disney Legend.

George Lucas received a total of 25 nominations and awards for his work. A proud achievement for someone who initially did not believe in the success of his work himself and who bet with Steven Spielberg in 1977 against his own film.


George Lucas with wife Mellody Hobson

George Lucas with wife Mellody Hobson

The film editor Marcia Lou Griffin became the first wife of George Lucas in 1969. Unfortunately this love broke up and the divorce followed in 1983. In 2006 he met and fell in love with the 25-year-old businesswoman Mellody Hobson. They married on June 22, 2013 in Chicago.

The possession of George Lucas

Even a Mr. Lucas treats himself to something, such as B. a pretty villa, the famous one Skywalker Ranch, a classy Mosler MT 900S and a fiery Ferrari F360. In addition to the Skywalker Ranch, the Star Wars creator has owned the villa “Mi Patria” in Los Angeles since 2017, which he bought for $ 33.9 million.

Furthermore, the avowed art lover is an avid collector of works by the painters Norman Rockwell and Maxfield Parish and old magazine covers. In fact, Norman Rockwell’s covers of the Saturday Evening Post are the roots of Lucas’s career, as he began creating stories based on these covers. As a tribute to his inspirer Norman Rockwell, he gave this a character in the series “The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones”.

The career of George Lucas

George Walton Lucas Jr. was born in California, USA, to a shopkeeper and his wife. Enthusiastic about fast cars, his first career dream was to be a racing driver. A serious car accident at the age of 18 destroyed this dream. So the later father of power shifted his focus to his 8mm camera and film production.

George Lucas fortune
The reserved Californian attended the University of Southern California School of Cinematic in Los Angeles. It was there that he met his long-time friends Steven Spielberg and Francis Ford Coppola. With the latter he co-founded Zoetrope Studios. Due to difficulties in his partnership with Warner Bros. Studios, George Lucas eventually founded his own film company Lucasfilm Ltd. A short time later, the innovative director celebrated his first major success: the teenage comedy “American Graffiti”. His rights to the net income made him a millionaire. For the zealous stage director, however, no reason to rest on his laurels, he was now working on the script for his later film series “Star Wars”.

Rejected by Universal and United Artists, he secured a contract with 20th Century Fox and skillfully negotiated the rights to it in various areas. The first part of the Star Wars saga helped George Lucas achieve a worldwide breakthrough, grossed an incredible 250 million euros in 1.5 years and became the most successful film in film history at the time. The most successful Star Wars film to date is with a Box office income of around 838 million euros “Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace”. Star Wars merchandising revenue continues to make up the majority of George Lucas’s revenue from that franchise.

More facts about George Lucas

  • In August 2013, George Lucas bought 141,573 Starbucks Corp. Shares. and invested an impressive 7 million euros in the company.
  • Only once did George Lucas lend his face to advertising. Probably the only commercial with the quiet American as the leading actor dates from 1987, when he was for the Japanese Electronics manufacturer Panasonic occurred.
  • Even when it comes to Charity and charity goes hand in hand, George Lucas is at the forefront. He supports many charitable projects such as Edutopia – The George Lucas Educational Foundation, Giving Pledge, Make-a-Wish-Foundation and many more.

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