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Gerhard Berger: Fortune of the former F1 driver

How rich is Gerhard Berger?

The former Formula 1 professional Gerhard Berger also became known as an entrepreneur after his successful sports career. The Tyrolean comes from a genuine entrepreneurial family, in which his athletic career path was initially viewed extremely critically. However, Berger made his breakthrough in racing and can now look back on a 14-year Formula 1 career with impressive successes. After his career, however, he also demonstrated his keen business acumen. The cherished Gerhard Berger’s assets are 100 million euros.

I discovered my love for the car early on

Income from Gerhard Berger
Berger noticed his love for automobiles early on. While his father planned a school career for him with subsequent studies, Berger preferred to become a car mechanic. Although he was given a logistics company for his 18th birthday, the racing enthusiast preferred to ride a motorcycle or drive a car. The company was not compatible with his passion for racing in the long run. When the Tyrolean managed to get promoted to a Formula 1 team, his father also became aware of the special talent. Gerhard Berger once joked in an interview that the family had compared the company’s balance sheet with his Formula 1 wages. By then, at the latest, it became clear to everyone that Berger had bet on the right horse. He pursued his passion and was rewarded for it. In doing so, he laid the foundation for his current fortune.

Successful Formula 1 career

Gerhard Berger’s Formula 1 career began in 1984 with the Austrian Grand Prix. While his In 210 races he achieved 10 wins, 12 poles and 48 podiums. In 1988 and 1994, the Formula 1 start made it onto the podium in the World Championship standings. The racing career began with the predecessor of the Benetton racing team. After three years at Ferrari, he moved to McLaren before starting again for Ferrari and then again for Benetton. For Benetton, Berger went down in their history books with the racing team’s only victory.

Special friendship

During his active career, he also learned his own then best friend Ayrton Senna know. He and Senna drove together for McLaren and a deep friendship developed. So he and Senna regularly exchanged negotiation details with McLaren in order to create mutual advantages. Senna died in a tragic accident in San Marino in 1994. Afterwards, Berger took a short break and was even close to resigning. However, he returned to the Formula 1 track some time later.

The entrepreneur Gerhard Berger

Merit from Gerhard Berger
Gerhard Berger has been since his father’s death in 1997 Owner of Berger Beteiligungsgesellschaft. While the logistics company was now close to bankruptcy, the company has now recovered and thus increased Gerhard Berger’s assets. In the meantime, long-time companion Dietrich Mateschitz and his company Red Bull have bought 50 percent of the Bergers company.

But Berger’s life couldn’t go on without Formula 1 even after his career. In 1998, Berger took over the position of motorsport director at BMW for five years. In 2006 he then took over the Formula 1 team Toro Rosso, but sold it back to Dietrich Mateschitz just two years later. Today, the ex-Formula 1 driver claims that he also earns his living by selling real estate, cars and planes. Gerhard Berger is probably wearing that His father’s entrepreneurship in himself and is an excellent businessman.

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