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Who is Giorgio Pasotti: Biography, Age, Loves, Daughter, Girlfriend and Instagram

Giorgio Pasotti is a 47-year-old Italian actor and director originally from Bergamo. Among the most loved by the Italian public, he starred at cinema, on television and in the theater. Expert practitioner of the Wushu discipline, Giorgio Pasotti is known for his interpretations in Police District And THEthe silence of the water, together with Ambra Angiolini. These days we can see it broadcast on Rai 1, alongside Serena Rossi And Giuseppe Zeno in the television series Mina September.

Who is it Giorgio Pasotti?

  • Giorgio Pasotti
  • Zodiac sign: cancer
  • Age: 47 years old
  • Date of birth: June 22, 1973
  • Birth place: Bergamo
  • Profession: actor and director
  • Height: 175 cm
  • Weight: 75 kg
  • Tattoos: nobody
  • Official Website:
  • Official Instagram Profile: @gpasotti
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Giorgio Pasotti was born on 22 June 1973 in Bergamo. From a wealthy family, he has the opportunity to deepen from a young age, at 6 years, his passion: martial arts. Thanks to the support of his father Mario, a proud supporter of the discipline, he begins to practice: karate, kobudo and wushu. In 1986 becomes the youngest wushu black belt in Italy, and the year after leaves for China to deepen his studies on martial arts. He returned to the East in 1992, and for two years he trained with the boys of the Chinese champion team at the University of Physical Education in Beijing.

1993 is the year in which he is noticed by a film production company who chooses him to play the role of a young American who becomes a monk of the Shaolin temple; thus he shoots his first two films: Treasure Hunt And The Drunken Master III. Like this Giorgio begins to study acting and simultaneously participates in several Championships, confirming himself as one of the best Westerners of the Chinese discipline.

Once back in his homeland, his career takes off with some films such as done from Gabriel Muccino And Little Masters. Also comes the cwave on Mtv in Cinematic and then to the theater in 2000 with Stefania Rocca. The Italian public falls in love with him for the interpretation a Police District, becoming Inspector Paolo Libero.

After countless films for cinema and TV, and a commitment to theater, Giorgio Pasotti asserts himself as one of the most loved Italian actors of the moment.

He is currently busy on the set of the third season of The silence of the water, together with Ambra Angiolini, but we can see it broadcast on Rai 1 with the television series Mina September, where he plays Claudio De Carolis. The series has the protagonist Serena Rossi, flanked among others by Giuseppe Zeno And First Reggiani.


Giorgio Pasotti’s career begins not really in the cinema or on television. Neither1994 is in the Italian national team and with the blue jersey participates in Germany at the European Championship in Munich, where wins the gold medal. The next year leaves for Los Angeles, to study acting and to shoot a series of martial arts TV series. In California he also shoots another action film: The Dragon fury II.

Back in Italy he never stops with many interpretations between films, spot And videoclip. Pasotti is one of the protagonists of The last Kiss as well as the sequel Kiss Me again, together with Claudio Santamaria and Pierfrancesco Favino, directed by Gabriele Muccino.

Act in fiction Police District, alongside Claudia Pandolfi, Giorgio Tirabassi and Giulia Michelini. This role makes him appreciated by the Italian public and so, Pasotti, begins to be seen more on TV. Turn And then there is Filippo, with Neri Marcorè, and Two mothers too many with Lunetta Savino and Angela Finocchiaro. It plays an important role like that of David Copperfield in the homonymous series, and Giuseppe Garibaldi in the miniseries Anita Garibaldi. In 2018 he acted in Il Capitano Maria, with Andrea Bosca, Vanessa Incontrada, Carmine Buschini and Camilla Diana

In 2009 he took part in the video clip Still here, from Renato Zero, together with Manuela Arcuri, Asia Argento, Vittoria Puccini, Elena Sofia Ricci and many others.

At the cinema he collaborates with Mario Monicelli neither The roses of the desert, and appears in the Oscar-winning film The great beauty from Paolo Sorrentino; collaborates twice with Carlo Vanzina in the films: A fairytale wedding And Taste of you.

In 2020, the film is distributed on the RaiPlay platform Have faith, which sees Giorgio Pasotti directing. Interpreted by Claudio Amendola and by Pasotti himself, the film is about a neofascist and violent criminal who is sentenced to community service in a church located in a remote area of ​​the Italian Alps with a very devoted priest.

To anticipate the release of the latest album by Roman singer-songwriter Febo (Dreamonaut), the single will be released on 7 January 2021 All the way (feat. Giorgio Pasotti), which sees the participation of the actor precisely.


The actor’s instagram profile is a photo album of loves (girlfriend and daughter), jobs, tastes and personal opinions. It shares all of this with 132 thousand followers.

Giorgio P Insta

Private life

The actor in the course of his life has often been at the center of gossip, because of the various relationships with well-known faces of the Italian scene.

Giorgio Pasotti and Elisa

In 2001 the singer Elisa, which leads to the stage of Sanremo the song that piously will win, Light (sunsets north east), is to shoot the video clip of the song with Giorgio Pasotti. From there a story was born which however lasted a few months. The two remain on excellent terms so that the singer, in 2015, will invite the actor to his wedding.

Giorgio Pasotti and Giulia Michelini

Between 2002 and 2004 the two actors met on the set of Police District, only in 2008, however, they start a relationship, after having met again on the set of Laura’s choice. The love between Giorgio and Giulia Michelini it ends after less than a year: character misunderstandings apparently. But after the first resentments, the two remained good friends.

Giorgio Pasotti and Nicoletta Romanoff

Giorgio and Nicoletta Romanoff they met in 2005 on the set of the television miniseries A year in spring. They fall in love immediately and initially after a relationship made of “push and pull”, they return permanently together in 2009. They live together and on January 17 2010 their first child Maria is born. In 2014, however, the love between the two ends. To date, the two maintain civil relations for the love of their daughter.

Giorgio Pasotti and Felicia Cigorescu

Felicia Cigorescu is a model, and when she met the actor, in 2016, she was 28 (Giorgio was 43 at the time). They soon embark on a story which, however, is shipwrecked after a very short time. Giorgio has never commented on their relationship, nor on the reasons for the breakup.

Giorgio Pasotti and Claudia Tosoni

In 2017 the actor met l25-year-old actress Claudia Tosoni, thanks to the show A Midsummer Night’s Dream, in which they both act. They spent the summer of the same year tenderly together in Formentera. They do not keep their relationship hidden, in fact, always in 2017 they travel the red carpet of the Venice Film Festival. They do not even hide on social networks, in which they publish accomplices and tender shots. Despite this, however, the actor does not let any rumors leak and does not make public statements.

The accident

At 9 pm on 12 October 2016, the actor from Bergamo was on board his car in Camerino for the theatrical show From Shakespeare to Pirandello. Along a shortcut that leads to the city center, Giorgio does collides head-on with a car coming from the opposite direction. Fortunately, the accident does not appear to have been the worst, so much so was the actor does not report any physical damage. After a few minutes of fear and shock, Giorgio still went to the theater to stage his show.

Giorgio Pasotti Videos


  • One of his favorite TV series is This is Us;
  • At the end of 1993 he was promoted with full marks in the Elite Class, the A series of Chinese wushu;
  • There pandemic that hit Bergamo very hard in March 2020 he took an aunt away from him: it is an experience that marked him very deeply;
  • In 2020 he directed theShakespeare’s Hamlet together with Francesco Tavassi and Mariangela D’abbraccio;
  • took part in Taste of you (2014), with Vincenzo Salemme, Martina Stella and Serena Autieri.

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