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Gretchen Smith Bolton is a financial planner and the second wife of John Bolton. John is a lawyer and diplomatic consultant. She is a Financial Planner for AXA Advisors. Born in Kansas City in 1949, Gretchen is a relatively unknown figure with limited personal details. She is considered to be well-educated and has a simple upbringing. However, there is some speculation as to her net worth.

Gretchen Smith Bolton has a net worth of $1.5 million. She works as a senior financial planner for AXA Advisors. She has a background in institutional equity sales at CDC North America and is a former ski instructor. She and John have been married for seven years. In 2011, Gretchen and John married and welcomed their first child. The couple have three children. Jennifer is a senior manager at Nissan Corporation in Nashville.

Gretchen and John have two children together. Their daughter Jennifer is one of their three children. The couple married in 1986. In September 2018, they were divorced and Gretchen gave birth to a daughter, Jennifer Bolton. Both women have jobs in the automotive industry, and Gretchen works for Nissan Corporation in Nashville. Their first child together, Christopher, is four years old. The couple have no children yet.

John and Gretchen Smith Bolton have been married for two years. Both women are gentle and caring. They separated in 2003 and divorced in 2011. They married in 1973. Their first child is a daughter, Jennifer. Jennifer Smith Bolton, who works for Nissan Corporation as a senior manager in the vehicle department. Neither Gretchen nor John have been part of the scandal surrounding their son. Both women are very private about their lives.

Gretchen Smith Bolton and John Bolton have been married for two years. Both women are very supportive of each other. She has a daughter, Jennifer, who works for Nissan in Nashville. The two are also separated by a divorce. In addition to their careers, they are also involved in public affairs. Although their children are still young, John and Gretchen are happy with their relationship. It is unclear whether they will share their child’s names.

The financial adviser Gretchen Smith Bolton has a net worth of over $90 million. She has worked for AXA Advisors as a financial planner since 1986 and has a long-standing reputation. She has a degree in Mechanical Engineering and a post-graduate degree in Finance from Yale University. She maintains conservative political views and emphasizes financial security. Despite being a prominent figure in the financial world, she still prefers a modest lifestyle.

Gretchen Smith Bolton has a long list of accomplishments and a prestigious reputation. She attended the Wharton School in Philadelphia, where she earned a certificate in retirement planning. She also studied at Wellesley College and American College. She earned her master’s degree at New York University. She is an entrepreneur and a political activist. You can read more about Gretchen Smith Bolton’s life and career on her website.

Gretchen Smith Bolton has worked as a financial advisor since 1993. She was married to John Bolton, a diplomat and an attorney. Currently, she is a financial adviser with AXA Advisors. She has a net worth of $1.5 million and a salary of $80k. In 2013, she was one of the many people who failed to finish the Boston Marathon. She is married to John Bolton, a former diplomat and Republican consultant.

Gretchen Smith Bolton has been married for more than 25 years. She is the Head of AXA Advisors in Washington D.C. She met her husband John in 1973 and they married in 1984. They have a daughter, Jennifer, who is an adult. She works as a senior manager at a Nissan dealership. They met in an aXA Advisors business conference and are married for 30 years.

Gretchen and John Bolton have been married for a few years. They are not yet parents, but Gretchen is a busy woman. She works for a Nissan Corporation in Nashville, and her husband has two children with Christine. While her professional life is quite busy, she prefers to stay out of the limelight. She is often preoccupied with her personal life and avoids controversy. She and her husband have one child.

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