Hakim Abdul-Samad Net Worth and Salary

Hakim Abdul-Samad is a successful actor with a net worth of $1,221,000. He earned $404,800 as an actor. However, his net worth has increased significantly in recent years. Below are some estimates of his salary and net worth. We also discuss his career and how much he earns. Hakim is 63 years old and is 5 feet 11 inches tall. Among his other accomplishments, Hakim is a successful television host and he has a wealth of money.

In addition to achieving massive attention and a large net worth, Hakim Abdulsamad has a loyal following of thousands of subscribers. He is an American and is Muslim. Hakim has a unique body style. His weight is considered to be a healthy one. His net worth is estimated to be in the six figures range. However, his relationship with his fans is a thorny issue.

According to Forbes, Abdulsamad is Nigeria’s second richest man after Aliko Dangote. He earned his fortune through BUA International Limited. Later, the company became the BUA Group. The BUA Group invests in various businesses, including BUA port and terminals limited, which manages four berths, two warehouses, and bulk cement. His wealth has increased to unprecedented levels, far greater than the GDP of five African countries combined.