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He once made the gentian bloom blue and with its striking appearance it always caused speculation. A characteristic voice, dark sunglasses and blond hair made Heino unmistakable in the hit business. He has already done a lot over the years and has therefore accepted a lot Assets of around 20 million euros piled up. He has officially been retired for 11 years, which, according to his own statements, is also around 1600 euros per month brings in income. But none of that prevents him from still standing on stage.

Recently, Heino has even been able to draw attention to himself with rock and pop music. So he simply took well-known songs from German bands like Fanta4, Die Ärzte or Rammstein and made his own versions of them. With absolute success, because his album “Mit freundlichen Grüßen” celebrated platinum status after a short time and broke all records. At the beginning of 2015, the German hit idol was part of the jury of Deutschland sucht den Superstar and can be seen alongside Dieter Bohlen, DJ Antoine and Mandy Capristo on RTL.

A life for music

The artist name Heino is Heinz Georg Kramm, who was born on December 13, 1938 in the Oberbilk district of Düsseldorf. At an early age he lost his father, a dentist who fell at the beginning of the war. Heino dreamed of becoming a musician as a child and was supported by all means by his mother. With an apprenticeship as a baker and pastry chef, he laid the foundation for a secure future and for the 1,600 euros he receives today as a pension. His dark sunglasses always sparked all kinds of rumors. The fact is that a disease of Graves’ disease and an associated change in the eyes is the reason for the special accessory.

Heino income

Heino with his wife Hannelore

Heino married his already in April 1969 third wife Hannelore Auerspergwho can always be seen by his side to this day. Together with her, he ran Heino’s Rathaus-Café in Bad Münstereifel for many years. Here the hit man was able not only to use his knowledge of patisserie, but also to expand his fortune, because numerous fans made the pilgrimage to the region to visit the restaurant just because of their idols. However, he did not get to his alleged 20 million as a baker and pastry chef. He owes this fortune to his singing career, which started in the 50s. German folk songs and the striking baritone made him a star almost overnight. Again and again he adapted his music to current trends. In the 80s he surprised with the gentian rap and he wasn’t afraid of classical music either. In 2013 he brought his very own version of the music by Rammstein and the Doctors straight to the charts. Not all colleagues were thrilled to have been covered by Heino at the time. However, the album “Sincerely” earned him platinum.

Fame and success for a gigantic fortune

Heino doesn’t like to talk about his assets, but his rather casual approach to losses, which he too has to suffer, shows that it has to be plentiful. His advertising contracts and record sales alone should ensure a good life. To this day, Heino’s albums are more or less selling by themselves and thus bring him current income. Overall he has so far more than 50 million records sold. Then there are the television appearances, each of which is endowed with around 10,000 to 35,000 euros. He first accepted an advertising contract in 1996. Those in charge of McDonalds said at the time that the artist would have been really cheap.

In the meantime, Heino can well estimate his price and so he is currently driving a black luxury limousine from Sixt and is sure to collect a nice sum for it. Even if not much is known, we do know that the Kramms like to look after themselves Villas in Bad Münstereifel, Florida or in the elite Austrian ski resort of Kitzbühel stops. According to a survey, more than 90% of Germans know the 76-year-old, and it looks like it will stay that way for quite a while. And with a fortune of 20 million euros, he can probably afford that too.

Heino with his song “Blau blooms der Enzian” in the rock version: “Schwarz blooms der Enzian”

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