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Herbert Grönemeyer: The Singer’s Fortune

How much money does Herbert Grönemeyer have?

Herbert Grönemeyer is one of the most successful musicians in Germany. It’s not for nothing that his fortune is in the double-digit million range. A further 2 million euros in gross income are to be added each year. This man actually managed to secure pole position in the charts with all of his German-language albums from 1984 onwards. First someone has to imitate the living music legend. “Mensch” was the artist’s most successful album to date. After all, the star was able to sell 3.7 million copies of this LP. 3.15 million of these CDs went over the counter in Germany. Since 1975 there has not been another album that has sold so often in this country. The cherished Herbert Grönemeyer has assets of 18 million euros.

Successful German singer

” alt=”Herbert Grönemeyer’s income” width=”225″ height=”300″ data-lazy-srcset=”×300.jpg 225w,×801.jpg 600w,×1025.jpg 768w,×1536.jpg 1151w, 1439w” data-lazy-sizes=”(max-width: 225px) 100vw, 225px” data-lazy-src=”×300.jpg” /> In addition, Herbert Grönemeyer is considered to be the most commercially successful contemporary musician in all of Germany. With Andrea Berg, Helene Fischer & Co. he is one of the most popular German singers. After all, his fans have already consumed 17 million of his albums. The singer knows his own Star status can also be used for a good cause. In 1985 he launched the “Band for Africa” project. The first single of the joint project, “Nackt im Wind,” made it to third place in the German charts in 1985, when it was released.

Grönemeyer has also already used his voice against poverty and has performed at numerous music festivals and concerts for a good cause. It is not for nothing that the ARD has already published a documentary called “Germany, your artists: Herbert Grönemeyer“, With the programs being broadcast in 2008 and 2016. “A Most Wanted Man” from 2014, on the other hand, was the last feature film in which the German multi-talent from Göttingen could be seen. Whether illustrated books or biographies, this successful singer is simply fascinating.

Career highlights from Herbert Grönemeyer

As early as 2000, the singer and songwriter did the Received 1 live crown for his life’s work. This was followed by the award for “Best Album” in 2002 and “Best Artist” in 2003. Herbert Grönemeyer has already won these prestigious prizes several times, from the Amadeus Austrian Music Awards to the Comet to the Golden Camera and Eco Pop. He was also sure of the German Radio Prize for a long time. Not everything in Grönemeyer’s life was always rosy. The death of his first wife has meanwhile made him a widower, with one of the biggest stars in Germany now being married for a second time.

” alt=”Herbert Grönemeyer’s fortune” width=”300″ height=”225″ data-lazy-srcset=”×225.jpg 300w,×450.jpg 600w,×576.jpg 768w,×1152.jpg 1536w,×60.jpg 80w, 1920w” data-lazy-sizes=”(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px” data-lazy-src=”×225.jpg” /> Incidentally, the thoroughbred musician has set himself the goal of promoting other talents as well. The Greenland label has been around since 1999. The Earlies, Dextro, Boy, AK4711, Psapp and Roedelius are just a few of the artists that this label was able to accompany on their career path. That is also unforgettable official World Cup anthem, produced by the father of two for the World Cup in 2006. All the more astonishing: Herbert Grönemeyer had only achieved the second number 1 hit of his career with this song. Because while his LPs regularly landed at number 1 in the charts, this was rarely the case with the single releases. With his tour plans for 2019, the now somewhat aging artist has also proven that it is far from time to give up his musician career.

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