How Much Does Coodie Simmons Earn?

Clarence “Coodie” Simmons Jr. was born on January 18, 1971 in Chicago, Illinois. His parents are Clarence and Wendy Simmons. He was the second of four children. He has been working in showbiz for over three decades. Despite his early beginnings in the entertainment industry, he has maintained an impressive net worth of $1 million. Listed below are some of the most notable roles he has had. Read on to learn more about his net worth.

As a director, producer, and cinematographer, Coodie has made a name for himself in the film and TV industry. His film and TV credits number over twenty. However, there is not much information available on his net worth and income. The most recent financial details that we have available are not the most accurate, so we cannot be certain of the amount of money that he earns. For now, we can only speculate.

As an actor, Coodie is currently working on the Netflix documentary about Kanye West. Since the rapper was a teenager, Coodie has followed his career and is credited with a large chunk of the star’s net worth. The series, A Kanye Trilogy, will premiere in January 2019.

In 2008, Coodie Simmons and Chike Ozah formed a production company called Creative Control. They focused on creating music videos and film. They directed their first music video, “Through the Wire,” which featured Kanye’s early days. The two also collaborated with Erykah Badu, Lupe Fiasco, Pitbull, and others. Their video “Benji” received positive reviews and was featured on ESPN’s 30-for-30.

Coodie Simmons started her career in stand-up comedy. She did stand-up in the Chicago South Side in the mid-’90s. She later went on to co-create a comedy TV show, Channel Zero, with Danny Sorge. The show was created to showcase local talents. Today, Coodie’s net worth is over $100 million. You can check out her bio below. So, how much do Coodie Simmons Earn?

As a child, Coodie fell in love with portraying inspiring stories. She met Kanye West while working on a documentary about the rapper’s rise to fame. Afterwards, she followed Kanye to New York, where she met Chike Ozah, who produced the MTV show ‘You Heard It First’. Chike’s relationship with Coodie’s success with Chike led to the production of ‘You Heard It First.

After high school, Coodie and Kanye remained friends. The two started pitching the movie Jeen-Yuhs together. Ultimately, Time Studios decided to invest in the movie after seeing the trailers and the final script. A Netflix series will premiere on February 16, 2022, and two new episodes will be released every Wednesday until the show concludes. So, if you’re wondering how much Coodie is worth, here are a few things you should know about the actress’s net worth.