How Much is John Hinckley Jr Net Worth?

While we’re all interested in knowing how much a public figure like John Hinckley possesses, the truth is that the singer is far less famous than many of us might think. Still, it is still possible to find out how much he’s worth. Let’s look at some of his recent activities to get a sense of his net worth. After all, his popularity has increased exponentially in the last decade.

The estimated net worth of John Hinckley Jr. is between $100k and $1 million. His wealth has been accrued from endorsements, music eminences, and a YouTube channel. Although he has a high profile as an alleged assassin of President Ronald Reagan in 1981, he is also known for his attempted assassination. He currently resides in the state of Oklahoma, USA.

In the late ’70s, John Hinckley Jr. lived in Hollywood. He wrote home about his make-believe girlfriend, Lynn Collins. This was reportedly modeled after the character Lynn Collins from the film Taxi Driver. Hinckley’s attempted assassination of President Reagan was heavily influenced by Taxi Driver, which follows an American psychopath stalking a political candidate. He later moved back home to Evergreen, Washington, and worked as a busboy at a dinner club for a few months.

According to his biography on CelebrityHow, John Hinckley Jr has a net worth of $1 million. His height and weight are not known at the moment, but are estimated to be in the mid-six figures. Hinckley Jr.’s net worth has grown considerably since his trial and subsequent release from prison in 2016.

John Hinckley Jr.’s parents published a book detailing his assassination attempt. During the time of the shooting, he was suffering from acute psychosis. He was also obsessed with actress Jodie Foster. His parents decided to use his death as a platform to fund mental health research and founded the American Mental Health Fund, which raises money for mental health awareness. Hinckley jr net worth continues to increase due to the numerous awards he has received for his work.

The author of the biography, “John Hinckley Jr., Net Worth: Estimated

In recent months, Hinckley has been spending 17 days a month in Williamsburg, Virginia. He has met with a therapist and psychiatrist, and has even obtained a volunteer position in a local church. His 66-year-old father, mother and older brother are all part of the same neighborhood. Hinckley’s net worth has soared since the hearings in Washington.

After he was convicted of a misdemeanor in October 2020, Hinckley turned his attention to music. He started a YouTube channel in the same year and uploaded his first original song on 12 December of the same year. Since then, he has accumulated over 35 videos on his channel. His channel currently has more than 25K subscribers. In 2021, Hinckley announced that he was working on an album and was seeking a record label to release it.