How Much is Leahsfieldnotes Worth?

Leah’s Fieldnotes net worth is about $25 million. She is a YouTuber, social media influencer, and model. Her videos show her travels and she earns money through her channel. She has 650K subscribers. Here’s how she earned her net worth. Leah Wei has made a fortune from her videos. How much does Leahsfieldnotes make each month?

As of June 2022, Leahsfieldnotes’ net worth is expected to grow to about $25 million. She earns around 50k USD every month from her YouTube channel and a little less from her other sources. She has a large fan base, with 202k Instagram subscribers. In addition to her YouTube channel, she makes a good portion of her money from sponsorships. Her net worth is likely to grow as her following grows, and she may even surpass that number by 2022.

In addition to her blog, Leah’s YouTube channel is one of the main sources of her income. Since Leah started her channel, her videos have become viral and have millions of views. Her YouTube income is estimated at around $25K USD, but she’s also gaining popularity as she posts on other social media sites. This means that Leah’s net worth is increasing as well, thanks to the countless views she generates on a monthly basis.