How Much Is Mick Brigden Worth?

If you’re wondering how much money Mick Brigden has, you’re not alone. The popular musician has been making headlines for his acting and promoting work since the 1970s. His net worth has been rising since he won the Golden Globe for Best Actor in 2007. And while his fame has helped him attract more clients and increase his net worth, there are still many people interested in how much he’s really worth.

Mick Brigden was born in Southend on Sea, England, and moved to Canada with his family when he was just 10 years old. He began working for Graham in 1969, helping to promote the likes of the Grateful Dead and Jefferson Airplane. He later formed his own company and became a multimillionaire. Mick Brigden is survived by his wife, Julia Dreyer, his son Jack Brigden, and his stepdaughter, Jessica Merz.

His net worth is estimated to be $10 million, although his actual earnings are not public. However, it is safe to assume that Mick Brigden earned a boatload of money from his career, which is the main source of his wealth. Brigden is married to Julia Dreyer Brigden, and they have three children: Jack Brigden, who lives in Santa Rosa, Calif., and Jessica Merz, a stepdaughter who lives in Novato.

Mick Brigden was born in England, where he spent his childhood. He has worked as a road manager with bands like Van Morrison, Peter Frampton, and Carlos Santana. Brigden studied in Canada and worked as a graphic artist. He later relocated to New York to work with Mountain frontman Felix Pappalardi. Currently, he manages Joe Satriani and his net worth has grown over the years.

The musician had a long and productive career as a road manager for musicians. He road-managed the group Montrose from 1973 to 1975. He also opened for Humble Pie on tour. Hagar later wrote in a statement that Brigden was the first person who cared for him during his tour. Brigden also co-managed the super-group Chickenfoot, which also featured Joe Satriani. The band also had the late Johnny Carter as their manager.

He was first hired as a road manager for Felix Pappalardi in the late 1960s. The next decade saw him establish MJJ Management, a management company he founded. He and his wife also settled in Santa Rosa, California. The area was a great fit for Brigden’s growing talents, and his vineyard produced several cabernets and merlots. He and his wife often accompanied his concert tours.