How Much is Sylvester Ofori Worth?

Sylvester Ofori is an infamous pastor who shot his wife while she was at work. Previously, Sylvester was a zoo guard and theatre attendant. He also has a net worth of USD 400 million. He was born in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana, on November 8, 1986. In addition to acting, Sylvester is also a producer, scriptwriter, and producer. If you are wondering how much Sylvester Ofori is worth, you will be glad to know that he has a net worth of USD 400 million.

Sylvester Ofori is originally from Ghana, but has lived in Florida for quite some time. He founded Floodgates of Heaven Int’l Ministries, which has a following of over 3000 people. The scandal that sparked the church’s sudden decline and eventual failure has led to a massive net worth. However, Sylvester Ofori’s net worth is still in question, as he was recently arrested and put on trial for allegedly shooting his wife Barbara Tommey.

According to his Wikipedia article, Sylvester Ofori’s net worth is approximately $2 million. He has a healthy body weight and good measurements, so his net worth is not inflated by the media. In addition to his net worth, Sylvester Ofori also has a high net worth, which is reflected in his popularity. This makes it easier for fans to spend money on his movies and shows.