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Listed below is some basic information about Khalid. He was born on February 11, 1998, in Fort Stewart, Georgia. His height is 1.8 m and his weight is 63 kg. His father is in the military, so he spent most of his childhood in various places. He attended school in Heidelberg, Germany, and Carthage Central High School. At the time of this writing, he has had one relationship and is not married.

Khalid is a single man and is probably still single. His girlfriend, Norman Kordei, is a former model. They collaborated on the Billboard-charting album Love Lies. His height is five feet 11 inches. He weighs 80 kilograms. His hair color is black. He is a very slim boy and has a curly, square face. He has brown eyes and is not overweight, which makes him look even taller.

Although he is a very popular singer, his height may surprise you. As an American, Khalid was raised in several different cities. His single mother worked in the military for 10 years, which accounts for his frequent moves. This helped her develop her musical talent. In addition to her military career, she was a singer. She is 1.8 m tall and weighs 63 kg. If you are wondering how tall is Khalid, check out his height and weight to get a better idea of how big he is.

The actor was born in California and went to Shabazz High School. He later signed to play football at Howard University. He has two siblings, Jamila and Michael B. Jordan. His older brother is an actor and is a member of the Arab Attack chorus. He has won several awards, and is an average-sized man. He is five feet eleven inches tall and weighs 80 kilograms. His hair color is black and he has dark skin.

Khalid is 5 feet 6 inches tall, which is 1.78 m. His weight is 75 kg. He has a slim figure, and his looks aren’t overly feminine. However, he is a famous singer, but he hasn’t announced his relationship status. Despite his huge net worth, the actor has opted for a modest lifestyle. While his music career has brought him great fame, he has not made it public.

His mother was a military supply technician and member of the Arab Attack chorus. His mother encouraged him to pursue a musical career, and he began making music as early as his teenage years. In addition to his height and weight, Khalid is 1.8 m tall and 63 kg. This makes him slightly shorter than most women. But he is still considered a petite man, and he is also very thin.

According to sources, Khalid is five feet and 10 inches tall. His weight is 75 kg. His height and weight are not the only things he has in common with his peers. Besides his height and weight, he has a slim figure. He was born on February 11, 1998, and is 1.8 m tall. In addition to his height, he weighs 63 kg. He is a social media star, and he has many followers.

His real name is Khalid Donnel Robinson. His parents were both soldiers, and his mother was his primary caregiver. He lived in different locations throughout his childhood, including Heidelberg, Germany, where he studied for six years. His height is a great factor in determining his overall height, so keep an eye out for other details. There are several things that make Khalid stand out. But his size is important. If you have a large, muscular frame, you are likely to look like a cartoon character.

Despite his height and weight, he is not very popular, as his net worth is unknown. The singer is also a member of the Arab Attack chorus. Though his net worth is not disclosed publicly, his modest lifestyle is reflected in his relationship status with the singer. And his wife is still not married, but the two are believed to be in a relationship. And while there are no details about their children’s relationships, Khalid has an estimated net worth of $5k to $3 million dollars as of 2020.

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