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Hugh Jackman: the actor’s net worth

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Australian actor, producer and singer Hugh Jackman is often portrayed in the media as Mister Perfect. All-rounder, scandal-free marriage, father of two adopted children and at the same time extremely attractive! It is not for nothing that Hugh Jackman won the title in 2008 Sexiest Man Alive from the magazine People awarded. the X-Men Movies helped him to international fame. The cherished Hugh Jackman’s net worth is 150 million euros.

Actual career aspiration: reporter

Hugh Jackman's income
Hugh Jackman was born in Sydney on October 12, 1968, the youngest of five children. His parents had immigrated from England the year before. However the mother left the family when Hugh was just eight years old. He later learned that postnatal depression was the cause. He then grew up with his father, Christopher, a Cambridge graduate accountant.

At school, the young Hugh performed very well in sports, he was active in rugby, cricket and swimming. In 1988 he began studying communication sciences, which he completed in 1991 with a bachelor’s degree. The acting course he had taken on the side impressed him so much that he was his Career change from journalist to actor at short notice. Here, too, he didn’t do things by halves and completed despite an offer for the series Neighbors the drama school. With this decision he embarked on a grandiose acting career with a correspondingly high fortune.

Hugh Jackman’s first successes

Immediately after completing his training, he received an offer for the 10-part series Correlli into the house. Into the prison psychologist Louisa Correlli, played by Deborra-Lee Furness, he didn’t just fall in love on the film set. The two are still happily married and the parents of two adopted children.

In the years to come, Hugh Jackman focused mainly on the musical and theater stages. Here he has already won his first awards and distinctions. In 1998 he hit the big screen with the Australian feature film Truckers with a heart. In 1999 the Australians drew him as Most Fashionable Man in Australia, such as Australian Star of the Year out.

Breakthrough with X-Men

Hugh Jackman fortune
In addition to his ability, Hugh Jackman always had the luck on his side professionally. the He was given a role in the first X-Men film because the designated Dougray Scott had to shoot longer than planned for another film. In 2003 and 2006 the sequel films were released. With the offshoot film X-Men Origins: Wolverine Hugh Jackman took on the role of Wolverine in 2009 and worked as a producer. His fee was 16.5 million euros and he was able to increase his considerable fortune enormously. For the following X-Men films, Hugh Jackman already received the basic salary of 16.5 million euros before he even started shooting. Of course, he should have negotiated a much higher fee for the other films.

Brand ambassadors and coffee entrepreneurs

Also in 2009, Hugh Jackman was allowed to host the Academy Awards. Despite many outstanding achievements, he has not yet won one himself, but he does have his own star on the Walk of Fame. Action, comedy or romance – Hugh can do everything and looks good doing it. He does a lot of stunts in his films himself, Sometimes he is doubled by his brother-in-law.

Some high-end brands like Montblanc or RM Williams have already worked with Hugh Jackman as brand ambassadors. Such promotional deals keep the actor’s fortune growing. Jackman uses his wealth not only for himself, but is also active for charitable purposes. In 2011 he founded the Laughing Man Coffee company after meeting coffee farmers on a trip to Ethiopia. All profits from the company go to the Laughing Man Foundation, which supports social projects worldwide. 2012 He invested a good 17 million euros in an apartment in New York City that extends over three floors. Here he lives with his family on 11,000 square meters including a library, sauna and fitness studio.

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